Monday, October 22, 2018

"Lihatlah" Launched!

The project began back in March 2018 when Vince (Chong, AF1 winner and my frequent collaborator back in the day), asked me if I'd like to write the lyrics to a song for a new and upcoming singer, who's also one of his vocal class students, Yazmin Aziz. I did a quick research and found out that she's part Malaysian, part Filipino, and she's only 16!

But looking through her YouTube videos, it's clear to me that she'd been singing for a while, and yes, she looked and sounded very mature for her age. Yazmin had won one of the top prizes for a competition called "Bakat Ohsem Malaysia", organised by, and now the latter had snapped her up as their artiste.

The song was co-written by Yazmin and Vince, and she had also written the lyrics in English. So they emailed me that version, and I started working on interpreting the story in the song and came up with a couple of drafts for "Lihatlah". My brief was to make it simple, yet heartfelt and memorable. After some touchups, they went into the studio and recorded it a few months back.

And when I first heard it, I was damn excited. Yazmin has a great tone and she sings with soul. Vince and the team did a magnificent job as well with the mix and instrumentation for "Lihatlah"

And so, this past 5th of October, "Lihatlah" was officially launched! It was held at the Warner Music Malaysia office (Warner is the distribution partner), and I could see how impressed the guests and the press were when Yazmin sang the song live for the first time!

The music video was also launched later in the day, and comments have been generally excellent.

So, look out world! "Lihatlah" is just the beginning for Yazmin Aziz. Hopefully will have the good sense to record a full album. Haha.

In the meantime, listen to "Lihatlah" on Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, etc. And do check out the launch coverage here, here and here.

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