Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hey Look, I'm On Radio!

I've done radio interviews a few times in my lifetime, and each time I'd think, "Damn, this is no easy thing." Even after I've done 'live' TV hosting, especially with "Malaysia Hari Ini", and also those Steve Jobs-style product launches, I have always maintained that radio would still be the hardest for me. 

BUT that didn't stop me from taking up the opportunity given by Mr Radio himself, Halim Othman.
Halim is currently presenting on Suria FM for the sports-based program Grandstand. And since the end of last year, he had wanted me to be his partner! But it only came to fruition a couple of months ago, and now I'm a regular guest presenter on Grandstand!

I never felt comfortable sitting in a radio conti before. I felt like it was just too cramped, and you're basically isolated from everyone else. Unlike TV where the set is usually bigger and you have a crew fussing over everything, I always felt like it was a tougher proposition to conjure up the energy sitting all alone, or even with a partner.

But yeah, I took up the challenge. For one, I know Halim really well, and we are pretty much on the same wavelength. Our conversations have always been interesting, if I may say so myself. Haha. But this was also a challenge for him. He took this an opportunity for HIM to learn what he wants in a co-presenter, and so he's been guiding and coaching me accordingly.

And yeah, so far I've enjoyed the journey tremendously! The show is on every Sunday 10am to 12pm, and in that two hours we jam for 7-8 talksets. It's a mix between planned conversations and what come up spontaneously. Of course it helps that it's a sports show, and personally I have a LOT to say every time lah : ) What more with the World Cup now!

Not sure how long I will be doing this gig, but it's been an awesome ride so far. Only this past weekend we had someone saying, "Buat radio ni macam relax je kan?" Well, if only! I mean on TV, you might get away with things cos it's a visual medium, but your words obviously come out clearer on radio. Not that you are not allowed any mistakes tho.

So, do tune in to Grandstand! If you're not in your car, it's also online or just download the Suria app!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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