Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jalan-Jalan Dubai 2018

I've seen Dubai on transit before, but have never had the chance to explore it. Wifey, on the other hand, goes there annually on business, so she knows the place quite a bit. But she also made plans last year so that Tia and I could finally get a taste of the place. So yeah, our 2018 got off with a bang when we finally made the trip there!

So it was a first long distance father-daughter trip as we made the trip via Silk Air/Singapore Airlines. The journey there was a pleasant one, even with a three-hour transit at Changi. In fact, Tia quite enjoyed hanging out at Changi with so much to see and do.

In Dubai, we stayed at the Novotel World Trade Center, only minutes from the airport. It's a pretty busy place during exhibition seasons, but it's also close to everything you need; restaurants, stores and MRT station.

Anyway, we spent six incredible days there, doing loads of awesome stuff and enjoying every second of it. The weather too was kind to us, as it was in the teens most of the time. We were told that it was cooler than it normally is this time of the year, so yay us! Hehe.

And here are some of the highlights, as well as our 3-part vlog: Our Dubai Adventure!

We didn't get to go to that many malls, BUT we made it to the top 2 destinations; Mall of Emirates & Dubai Mall. But here's the thing; the malls were so huge that we probably got to visit, at most, 20% of the shops (although we made at least THREE trips to Dubai Mall alone).

Needless to say, the malls had everything under the sun. All the brands, all the restaurants, and they were all bigger and better! Good thing too that our hotel provided free shuttle buses to get there, so we did save quite a bit there.

We also took the MRT to get to the old part of Dubai to visit the Dubai Museum and the Dubai Creek. These are must-visits if you're ever there!

A friend also brought us on a yacht cruise! Damn, that really made us feel like some sort of hedge fund power brokers. Hehe.

Another highlight was of course the Desert Safari experience! It's incredible how they've managed to monetise empty land! There were tons of people on the same trip, relishing getting thrashed around in a 4x4, riding camels and having a barbecue dinner while enjoying bellydancers strut their stuff : )

And yes, we actually went up the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, for a bird's eye view of the city.

Enjoy a bit more of our pics, and please watch the vlogs!

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