Friday, November 10, 2017

Keluarga Iskandar The Movie: Let's Make History!

Let's make a film. Let's make history! The much-loved award-winning family series, "Keluarga Iskandar", will be making it to the silver screen in 2018! After being granted the permission and license from astro, series producers, KL Motion Pictures are embarking on a unique campaign to produce the film. The #savekeluargaiskandar campaign was launched last month where fans and the general public can now pre-purchase tickets to watch the film via streaming once released, and even downloading it! There are also options to purchase merchandise with the funds going into the production budget. All the details are here:

In addition: As the strategic marketing director for this program, I am seeking interested parties to collaborate on a sponsorship basis. The best part? The return will go beyond credit mention and conventional product placements. You can be part of the story, and more! For more details, PM me or call 019-2754923 . Let's make it happen, people! #keluargaiskandarthemovie #selamatkankeluargaiskandar

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