Monday, January 09, 2017

Free Service For SMEs

Salam and good day. This note is for Malaysian small business owners out there. I am offering free copy editing services for your marketing materials including tag-lines, product description, flyers and brochures etc. (In English only)
This is my small contribution to local SMEs out there. I admit to cringing when I come across a grammatically-challenged poster or social media post like "loss weight now" or "ice blanded here". So this is my "doing something about it", utilising my experience as a writer and editor.
This service is available to all Malaysian small businesses with less than 5 employees. Maximum word count is 100, and I need a minimum of 3 working days to complete a task. Please note that this is not a translation service.
All you need to do is email me at . As I'm also running my own business, I can only take on the first 20 tasks this time around. Again, it's free with no obligations whatsoever. Thank you.

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