Thursday, September 21, 2017

Foo Fighters In Singapore: Here's My Experience

I've got another confession to make: there are nights when I would put on my headphones and watch that 2008 Foo Fighters Wembley performance of "Best Of You" on repeat. And I would get choked up from the sheer power and emotion of it all. And I often wondered what it'd be like one day to experience that moment myself. Well, I got my answer a couple of weeks ago at the National Stadium in Singapore. And then some.

But before that, this would be take two of my effort in catching Foo Fighters "live" in SG. A few years back, with a ticket bought and my flight booked, they had to cancel when Dave injured himself. I must admit I sulked for a while and laid off Foo Fighters music for a while : / But I never gave up hope...

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

3 Tip Audisyen Yang Perlu Anda Baca!

Jika anda bercita-cita untuk mencuba nasib di hadapan kamera di dalam bidang penyiaran, proses ujibakat, atau audisyen adalah sesuatu yang pasti anda akan lalui. Bagaimana untuk menyerlah di audisyen nanti? Baca tiga tip di bawah ini:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Workshop Pengacaraan Majlis Rasmi & TV Bersama Halim Othman

Serlahkan bakat pengacaraan anda! Dapatkan panduan berharga daripada salah seorang ikon industri dengan menyertai WORKSHOP PENGACARAAN MAJLIS RASMI & TV Bersama HALIM OTHMAN!

Anda ada gaya, suara dan minat yang mendalam. Ambil langkah berani seterusnya dengan mempertingkatkan ilmu untuk anda membina nama sebagai seorang pengacara yang berkaliber.

Antara perkongsian di workshop ini:

· Memahami audiens dan lokasi 
· Menulis dan menyunting skrip 
· Menghadapi segala kemungkinan 
· Penggunaan bahasa tubuh yang betul

Latihan-latihan praktikal juga akan dijalankan bagi mempertingkatkan kemahiran dan keyakinan perserta-peserta. Anda juga akan diberikan maklum balas terus daripada Halim Othman!

Butiran program:

Tarikh: 29 Julai 2017
Masa: 9.30pg-5ptg (makan tengahari disediakan)
Tempat: Arte Academy, B-1-2, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100, Puchong

Tawaran “early bird” yang terhad!

Daftar sebelum/pada 10 Julai 2017: RM299
Harga biasa: RM350
Harga istimewa pelajar IPTA/IPTS: RM199

Sijil turut disediakan.

Hubungi segera untuk mendapatkan tempat anda!
WeChat: yougotraining

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jalan-Jalan London 2017

Oh where do I even begin? For starters, we've not been back to the UK for a couple of years, so you bet we were damn excited. The initial plan was to go during the mid-year school break, but as it coincides with Ramadhan this year, we decided to utilise the one-week March holidays instead. So effectively we didn't have to wait to long. Woohoo!

We arrived on a Saturday morning and made our way to the hotel near Paddington. And oh, it's also the first time in a good many years that we're in the UK in very early spring, so we travelled a little light. But still, the temperature throughout was mostly in the single digit, and there were days when we had to break out the gloves.

The first order of business was to get some breakfast, and of course, it had to be croissants and coffee at Pret. Ah, how we've missed the simple pleasures of the place.


Then, it was time to walk the city. From Marble Arch, we walked the length of Oxford Street, and eventually to Regent Street, where things got interesting.

We had seen quite a bit of people sitting around carrying placards and soon it became apparent that there was some sort of demonstration or protest was about to take place. And as we came out of Hamleys, a sea of people had started their march down the road, chanting anti-racism slogans and displaying various placards carrying the same message.

This was Tia's first experience being in the thick of full-fledged protest and she was just excited and happy at the same time to see people converging to spread positivity. And after some coaxing, she mustered enough courage to join the march! So proud of her!


So that was Day One. And the next few days were spent doing our favourite London things. : )

We also took the bus a bit more this time around, so rather than just the darkness of tunnels on the underground, we got to see some pretty interesting things we haven't seen before.


Tia also wanted to go the the YouTube Creator Store, the first in the world apparently, so we went to King's Cross to get there. And of course Tia got a bit emo when we finally found it. Hehe.

We also found the Harry Porter store at Platform 3/4, King's Cross, which was totally a pleasant surprise!

Then it was back to more shopping and enjoying the cool weather. Tia did mention to me that since she's also a couple of years older since our last trip, she could appreciate things more. So, there was still some fresh excitement when we got to places like Notting Hill, Westfield London, Covent Garden and our 'ol hood, the Tower Bridge.

And of course, London's Little Malaysia, Bayswater : )

I also made it a point to visit Central Film School, where I did my filmmaking certificate course. It was great to see Adam, who was a classmate and now works at the school. Central have got more students now, and have taken up more space to accommodate everyone. It was great to see!

Of course, I also enjoyed the familiar sights and smells of nearby Brick Lane, and we also had a quick lunch of lamb chops at my favourite place there, Jungle Baraai : )

We also spent a couple of days in Liverpool! Which I will write more about in the next post.

But on day we returned to London, we got news about the Westminster attack. As a result, people were visibly jittery, and we had to take a detour as the M6 was closed.

As we finally arrived at the Victoria Coach Station, we were also told that some of the roads, and underground stations around Westminster were closed. But we got back to the hotel safely.

The next day, we went to Trafalgar Square, and it was almost business as usual. Tourists were out enjoying the sights, but we could see some heavy police presence as investigations into the incident got underway. Here's my video:

For the first time too, Tia and mama went for a musical at the West End. I gave them three choices, and both of them chose "Thriller Live", featuring the music of Michael Jackson!

And of course they had a blast, especially Tia, who is very much into performing arts these days. "I can totally see myself as a performer here," she said after the show : )

It was just awesome to be back here, but after a week, we had to face to reality flying home. Hope to see you again very, very soon, London!

Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year, New You! (No, really)

Resolutions, schmolutions! We’re talking about REALLY changing things up in 2017. Stuff to help you shine, surge up the corporate ladder and schmooze with confidence.
Always running away from the spotlight of presenting at the monthly townhall or departmental meeting? Hopelessly tongued-tied when all eyes are on you (especially when they’re from “management”)?
We have media icons and personalities like Halim Othman, Rina Omar and Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain to share with you professional tips and secrets on public speaking and presentation skills.
Not happy when you look in the mirror before leaving for the office in the morning? And you’re never quite sure what to put on for a “smart casual” do? We have professional image consultants and stylists to advice you on all things sartorial.
We also have programs in the areas of media relations, language proficiency, branding and digital marketing.
So, go on and tell your boss about YouGo Training & Media Consultancy and ways we can help you. Or if YOU are the boss, let’s have a chat about making your team as awesome as they deserve to be.

M. Zulkifli
CEO, YouGo Training & Media Consultancy
Call us at +60123456055 or email
Check us out too at

Monday, January 09, 2017

Free Service For SMEs

Salam and good day. This note is for Malaysian small business owners out there. I am offering free copy editing services for your marketing materials including tag-lines, product description, flyers and brochures etc. (In English only)
This is my small contribution to local SMEs out there. I admit to cringing when I come across a grammatically-challenged poster or social media post like "loss weight now" or "ice blanded here". So this is my "doing something about it", utilising my experience as a writer and editor.
This service is available to all Malaysian small businesses with less than 5 employees. Maximum word count is 100, and I need a minimum of 3 working days to complete a task. Please note that this is not a translation service.
All you need to do is email me at . As I'm also running my own business, I can only take on the first 20 tasks this time around. Again, it's free with no obligations whatsoever. Thank you.


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