Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Favourite Stuff Of 2016

Just realised there was no list last year. Too much holidaying, I guess. : ) 2016 was quite a weird one. Icons died, politicians continued to lie and the Internet wouldn't stop making stupid people famous. But here's my list anyway...

"Showdown: The Movie" Gala Premiere

It had been three years in the making, and when it finally premiered ("Showdown"'s the second feature film that I've written), having friends and family there made the occasion a whole lot sweeter!

Sporting Event
The F1 & MotoGP Garage Tour

Thanks to Red Bull, got to lepak at the paddock for both events. Not my first time, but it has been quite a while. Would have been awesomer if I had the guts to stop Kimi who shuffled swiftly past me for a photo!

Book (that I didn't write)
"Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince" by Alex Hahn

An old book that I've kept on the shelf for the longest time. Being a lifetime Prince fan of course I was devastated by his death. Started reading this book, and it further solidified his legendary status, at least for me.

Movie (that I didn't write)
Doctor Strange

It's hard to be impressed by CGI these days, but Doctor Strange completely blew me away. And Cumberbatch didn't disappoint either. 

Batman v Superman

Stop hating on the film, people! I dare ya to watch the blu-ray and NOT think that it's nothing less than awesome!

Metallica's "Hardwired... To Self Destruct"

A return to form, and then some... This is the CD we've been waiting for the past two decades! 

Closer, The Chainsmokers

Super catchy, super fun, super song!

Hannover, Germany

It was my first time in Germany, and had a really fun and relaxing week in Hannover. And I feel an even deeper connection with Jurgen Klopp now. Hehe.

TV Show
The Voice

Still very much impressed by the production values of the show. And the singing and song selection have remained stellar as well. Not missing AI at all!


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