Thursday, September 03, 2015

Three Years Ago Today... #ThrowbackThursday

I simply love the Facebook feature that feeds you "on this day" memories on a daily basis. They usually put a smile on my face, followed by "where did the time go?' musings.

And today, Facebook fed me the photo below...

Reading people's comments about me looking like an "innocent" student really made my morning. It was three years ago today that I started doing my certificate in filmmaking at Central Film School in London. It was a big decision, really. But with my family's support, and a grant from Mdec, I applied for time off from my job at Media Prima, and just basically did it.

And it was a great experience, really. Going back to class, taking notes and having group discussions and stuff. And being in London was not to shabby, either. Haha.

Every morning, I would walk from my apartment to the school in East London that included crossing the famous Tower Bridge.

And this was practically my breakfast almost every other day. : )

I left Media Prima about six months after coming back from the course, and since then I've done a couple of different things, including production full-time. And since then too, I've had two of my scripts made into feature films, executive produced one telemovie and three series, and co-wrote another two.

And recently, these works earned me two awards (for the whole team, not personally though), at the Anugerah Lawak Warna 2015.

Not too shabby indeed. So, thanks for reminding me of those "good 'ol days", Mr Zuckerberg!

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