Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Liverpool In Malaysia 2015

I still remember that day from four years ago. It was Liverpool's first visit to Malaysia and Match Day was what everyone hoped it'd be. The Bukit Jalil Stadium was packed to the brim with 90,000 die-hard Reds. The atmosphere was simply electric with constant cheers, loud horns and of course, heartfelt renditions of the anthem You'll Never Walk Alone.

I remember having to park the car so far away from the stadium. But it didn't matter to all three of us. And we were rewarded with a truly memorable day.

And so, when it was announced that Liverpool were coming back to KL, I did wonder if that experience could ever be topped. Must say that I doubted it for many reasons. The country's undergoing a strange phase now, having just been hit by GST, and with the match scheduled for just a week after Hari Raya, I knew tickets wouldn't be snapped up as fast as the last time around.

But you know that yours truly just had to be there. Hehe. No ifs or buts. Gerrard's no longer around, and the way we ended last season was something to be forgotten, but come on lah... we wouldn't wanna be like other "fans", would we? : )

The stadium was only half-full on match day, but it was still great to see so many other Reds that day, all in good spirits. We cheered the players on during the warm-up and broke into You'll Never Walk Alone again before the game began.

Brendan Rodgers fielded a good first eleven, and we got to see the likes of Milner, Clyne, Ibe, Lalana, Origi and captain Hendo in action. Malaysia meanwhile fielded a number of foreigners and did well to take the lead. And as you already know, Ibe scored a screamer of an equaliser and things were tied 1-1 at halftime, Which was also how it ended after 90mins.

I must admit that the game was only played at half-pace and didn't deliver the same kind of excitement we got from the 6-3 win four years ago. Maybe the fact that it was the Reds' last game on this Far East tour had something to do with it. The lads must already be thinking about home at this point.

But here's the best part; the new season is only days away now! And I must say that I'm optimistic it will be one with a lot to cheer about. Here we go!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Happy 200th Issue FHM Malaysia!

Happy 200th issue, FHM Malaysia! I also got the chance to share my favourite moments as the editor, back in the day (been a while since my byline appeared here, hehe). Still remember putting together the 75th issue with Lindsay Lohan on the cover; my favourite issue of all time 😄 But really, editing the world's biggest men's mag was indeed an incredible journey. Met a lot of cool people, and had a blast putting together each and every issue. Cheers FHM!


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