Monday, June 22, 2015

Jalan-Jalan Perth 2015

The annual trip to the land Down Under took us back to Perth, Western Australia. The last time we were there was 4 years ago; Tia was still watching the Cartoon Network! Hehe. But yeah, we've had some pretty good Perth memories and knew we'd be going back one day. So it wasn't that tough of a decision, really.

Our MAS flight got into Perth close to midnight that day and by the time we got to the Baileys Serviced Apartment along Hay Street, it was close to 1am. But despite not having reception staff on standby, checking-in was a breeze. And I must say that our whole stay there was really nice and peaceful, and we had no complaints about anything whatsoever.

The morning after was actually our wedding anniversary (thanks to all who sent their well wishes!), and we spent the first half of the day just enjoying the cool air and blue skies. We took a stroll along picturesque Swan River and back up to the CBD for some window shopping and makan-makan.

Later in the evening, we hired a car and drove to Cottesloe Beach for the sunset. And man, it was simply breathtaking.

Then it was off to one of our favourite places (on the planet, in fact), Fremantle! As expected, things were lively, especially at the Youth Park area which has a Big Wheel now as well. We took a walk around the boardwalk area and had a nice seafood dinner at one of the restaurants.

The next day, we made a short trip to Watertown (formerly known as Harbour Town), before making our way to one of our favourite spots in Perth; Kings Park. It was a fine-looking day, although the skies grew darker later in the day. It must be said too that the temperature was rather moderate throughout our stay. It was early winter, and it rarely got into the single digit, except during the night and a couple of the mornings. So, jackets were rarely on :)

And for dinner, again we drove to Fremantle; this time for some crabs, squids and oysters! (We also had some delicious snacks at San Churro before that :) )

The following day, it was time to head out of the city. Despite this being our third time to Perth, we've not really ventured out too far before, although we did spend a day at Rottnest Island the last time around.

So this time, we decided to explore more of Western Australia, and that meant, heading to the world-famous Pinnacles! Slightly more than 200kms away from Perth CBD, we also decided to make a couple of stops along the way.

The first was actually unplanned. I saw the sign to the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre and thought it'd be worth exploring, especially since Tia's into science so much.

And it was indeed an educational stop, although I wished I didn't go into this space pod that went round and round to the point I wanted to puke! : /

Next, was a stop at Lancelin for lunch. Having done no research whatsover, we just drove around for a bit, hoping to find a nice spot for some seafood lunch, and maybe just walk around a beach. On a hunch, I stopped at a cafe called Kerfuffle by the Jetty. And we hit jackpot!

As I parked the car, I could see that we were right by the beach. It was cold and windy, but there was no way we were not gonna go out for some pics!

Then it was time for our makan. We ordered fish and chips, and some oysters, and we weren't disappointed. The fish and chips was one of the best we've ever had, and the oysters were big and fresh! Highly recommended if you're ever in this area.

All the stops though meant we reached the Pinnacles only by 3pm. We had to pay AUD12 to enter and parked our car at the car park provided. You could also drive through the dessert but our car hire company already told us we're not allowed to do so with the Hyundai Accent. And so we walked on the marked path and the view that greeted us also took our breath away!

Honestly, I thought it was gonna be a small area like Stonehenge in the UK, but the Pinnacles spanned a very vast area. The weather was rather erratic, as the sunshine was interspersed with dark clouds and showers, but we were lucky when a rainbow also made an appearance!

But really, it did feel like an out-of-this-world experience, literally!

Other highlights include Hillarys Boat Harbour and also the drive along the Sunset Coast. We've been to Scarbrough Beach before, so this time we stopped by the picturesque North Beach.

I also did a bit of running along Swan River, and finally, we went for some shopping at Westfield Carousel where there's also quite a number of halal eateries. And oh, we also drove all the way to Rockingham, hoping to hop on to Penguin Island, but it was closed for the winter!

Another wonderful time in Western Australia no doubt, the only bummer being that it's too short of a vacation!


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Anonymous said...

I'll be going to Perth end of October and it seems you're definitely the expert! :)

I have a question, I understand that shops closes early, may I know what can be done at night?
I'm trying to plan where to go and what to do because we only have like 4 days before going off to Melbourne.

I'll be going with my husband and on our anniversary too :D

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

M.Zul said...

Hello! Yup, shops do close early except for Thursdays. I would suggest you head to Fremantle for a nice (romantic) dinner and for a lovely walk. It's still quite lively there. In Perth city, there are clubs etc, but I wouldn't be able to tell you what's it like. You can still catch a movie at Westfield mall and just drive to Swan River or Hilarys Boat Harbour for the cool breeze and maybe ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for the reply! Haha i just started wearing hijab so I dont think going to clubs would be appropriate. We're only planning to rent a car for one day, I'm at a loss of what can be done at nights if we're only limited to public transport.

But thanks very much for the suggestions!

M.Zul said...

Actually, we usually go "all out" during the day. So by 6pm, we'd be too tired to go out and end up watching Australian TV while eating tim tams. haha!

Anonymous said...

Salam En Zul.. tq for this write up. Which month was this trip? Very nice weather!! I am planning a trip to Perth: Plan A: end of Feb or Plan B: end of May... leaning more to May

M.Zul said...

w'salam. We went in June. I would recommend you go in May. Have a great trip!

amieranadya nasir said...

Assalam m.zul, we going to perth on this early may..we planning to go about 5 day..better using public transport or rent a car? We worry about parking n fuel..For go to pinnacles, we think to take tourist guide but too expensive. Can u suggest?

M.Zul said...

w'salam. I recommend renting a car. But check first if your hotel/apartment provides free parking. That's a plus. I always ensure we have free parking and wifi. If you rent a car, it would be easier to go to the pinnacles. It's a long but nice drive. Stop by Lancelin on the way there. Enjoy!


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