Saturday, January 17, 2015

Food, Glorious Food!: The Comeback Edition (KGB, Burgerbytye, Meteora Cafe, NY Steak Shack)

Can't believe that's been a looong while since I last posted a delicious post on food. Well, blame it on the changing interweb landscape. I mean, it's so much easier just to Instagram everything these days, no? And do people even read blogs anymore?

In any case, sure we've been eating and discovering new stuff this past year. No doubt, we usually go back to the same places we consider our favourites most of the time, which includes Ben's General Food Store, Kokopelli, Carnival Churrascaria and Kulcats Bario, among others.

But with this post, you know that we've got some new (or "relatively" new) places to share with you lot. And oh, pics are mostly from the trusted iPhone, so quality is rather varied. So, here goes...

First up, let's talk about my favourite thing to eat of all time; BURGERS.

There are tons of fancy, gourmet burger places in KL these days and everyone's got their own favourites. Well, we are proud to declare that our absolutely favourite place now is KGB (Killer Gourmet Burgers).

Had a bad experience the first time around when they closed the door on us at 2.55pm (I had spent 1/2 hour looking for parking), but no complaints whatsoever on our subsequent visits.

Our advice is to spend a bit of time to study the menu and decide on your preferences. So far, we've tried The Shack (RM12.90), Bash (RM18.90), KGB Spiked (15.90) and a couple others and they were all good. They're not overly-loaded with stuff, but just enough to leave you feeling satisfied after the last bite.

We also recommend ordering the fries. Apart from the normal fries with salt and pepper, there are also specialty fries including Kimchi Fries that were pretty good.

And speaking of burgers, we also tried another local franchise that's been pretty talked-about as the owner is comedian Zizan Razak, Burgerbyte. We went to their outlet at Jalan SS15/4 Subang Jaya and it was pretty crowded. Partly because they do give special discounts to students, we believe.

We tried the pasta and this nachos with beef chilli meat burger. The fries are your normal supermarket fries, but the burger was a 3.5/5. Would have been better if the chilli meat was a tad spicier.

STILL on burgers... (and in the Subang area), check out this one from Meteora Cafe in USJ 5/9P.

This is the baconator, but it was only a 2/5.  Think they used frozen patty and that's sort of a no-no for us. But really, it's still a wonderful place to chill. The churros, with two different dipping sauces (chocolate & cinnamon) is a must-try and the the coffees are pretty good too. They also play good music and may we suggest that you put the digital devices down and play some board games!

OK, no more burgers. But you know we can't really run away from meat! We uncovered this interesting steak place at Sunway Pyramid, NY Steak Shack. Main USP is its affordability, and on most banners, the steak is advertised as RM25.90 which is pretty reasonable. 

But here's the thing; RM25.90 is for 150gms of rib-eye steak, which was what we ordered. And it felt a tad unsatisfying. Guess we should have up-sized to 200gms for the price of RM32.90. There's also a variety of sauces including caramelised onions, black pepper (but of course), mushroom etc. 

They got the cooking right and the steak was pretty tender and well-seasoned. We'll definitely come back and try the other stuff on the menu. It's decorated to look like a New York joint, but the service staff made us feel like we were elsewhere in Asia (if you know what we mean, hehe).

And just before we end this post, a little bit of good news. If you're a frequenter of D'Cengkih in TTDI, you'd be glad to know that it has re-opened after a hiatus of nearly 6 months! If you're not familiar with D'Cengkih, this is the best place to go for authentic Johor cuisine! Let's go Makan!

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