Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Favourite Stuff Of 2014

So yeah, 2014 was not quite a vintage year for so many reasons. But I’ll leave the recapping of the list of horrors to the others and just share with you lot some of the stuff I enjoyed from the year. And yes, bring on 2015 already!

Live Show
WWE “Live” In Kuala Lumpur

It took the WWE some 12 years to return, but the divas and superstars put up quite a memorable show at the Putra Stadium this past October.  Hey, it even made Tia a wrestling fan now!


I keep complaining that this does NOT look like the future yet (where are THE FLYING CARS?), but Waze has made me a believer (somewhat). An app that tells you how long it’ll take to get to somewhere and show you the best route? So simple, yet  undoubtedly a precious gift to all of humanity (especially if you live in the Klang Valley and need to negotiate the evil LDP).

X by Ed Sheeran

12 weeks at no 1 on the albums chart and deservedly so. Sheeran is truly one of the most consistently good pop artists out there today.  Or shall I say, “storyteller” instead?


Sure I had some complaints about it, but it was also the only movie that haunted my thoughts (and dreams), for a good few weeks. And just thinking about it now still bugs me a whole lot!

Of course, I also have to mention Mamak Cupcake, the first film I wrote for the silver screen. And considering how brutal the local box-office was in 2014, it managed to make quite a bit of money too : ) Do look out for my next film, “Showdown” (working title), out in cinemas in 2015!

TV Show
The Walking Dead

What a great year for TV. So many great shows, so little time. Thanks astro for the PVR function (which I’m paying through the nose for, incidentally). And my pick of the lot was again TWD, which has turned out to be gorier (burning zombies, woot!) and more complex than ever. Best part? The season still ain’t over yet!

But I do have to give shoutouts to the likes of  Sherlock, Newsroom, The House Of Cards, The Voice, The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Game Of Thrones, Masterchef (!) for a year of awesome TV.


Back to burger basics! Yup, we frequented a lot of the same places we love this year, but Killer Gourmet Burgers  (in Bangsar and Mid Valley) is our favourite "new" burger joint at the moment.

Vacation Moment
Whales In South Australia
Look closely for whales :)
We went to Adelaide in late May and took a drive down to Victor Harbor where we saw some whales from the coast. Yup, free whale-watching!

London Moment
Walking On Glass (Literally)

I’ve walked across the Tower Bridge hundreds of times, but never thought of going up, until now. It’s not that far up, but walking on glass over the Thames is probably not for the faint-hearted : )

Run Event
Kuching Marathon

Spent more time in the gym this past year, so I ended up running in only ONE event. But Kuching was nice and pretty. If only I didn’t finish that far behind. Hehe.

Have a Happy New Year, folks!

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