Friday, August 15, 2014

Mamak Cupcake Di Pawagam 28 Ogos Ini!

Yes, yes, yes! After a long, long wait, "Mamak Cupcake" has a release date and will be in cinemas beginning 28th August 2014!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Mamak Cupcake (Script Excerpts)

Don't worry, no spoilers! Just a little sneak peak from an early draft. And yeah, Sam's name was later changed to "MJ". Just hit me up if you have questions about the writing or movie itself : )

(Mamak Cupcake is hitting cinemas 28/8/2014)


A guy is standing by the drinks dispenser and is holding two TIN MUGS. He’s in the midst of making teh tarik. From his nametag on his uniform, we know it is HUSSEIN.

Hussein pulls the tea in an impressive manner, not usually seen at other mamak restaurants.

When he’s done, he pours the tea into a medium-sized plastic bag. The camera pulls away and standing there, is a single OLD WOMAN in baju kurung.

Hish, lama betul buat teh. Aku ada meeting ni lah.

The woman just shakes her head in disgust. Hussein stands there, “tergamam”.

He then walks over to the cashier counter. The restaurant itself is only half-packed with customers, mostly office workers and senior citizens. Other MAMAK WAITERS in their matching uniforms are attending to the customers.

Hussein then flashes a warm, yet tired smile when a young BOY approaches the counter and picks out a couple of SUGUS candy from a bottle.

Berapa sen ni bang?

30 sen, dik.

The boy hands 50 sen over to Hussein and waits for the change. When it doesn’t come…

Mana duit baliknya bang?

Duit baliknya...

Hussein reaches out to the boy and touches his ear and a 20 SEN COIN appears. The boy smiles; delighted by this bit of “magic”.

TIMELAPSE and the clock shows it’s now 9.40am. Hussein is anxious. He signals to one of his staff, ABU to sit at the cashier counter. Hussein then looks around and leaves.



Hussein lies on his bed and stares at the ceiling. He then sits up, and slides out a SECRET CHEST from under the bed. He unlocks and opens it, and takes out a BOOK entitled ‘CUPCAKE-MAKING 101’. We also see other books in the chest, including ‘ART IS LIFE’ and ‘THE BEST IN INTERIOR DESIGN’. Hussein is not the typical mamak.

He flips open the pages of the cupcake book, looking at the beautiful illustrations.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. A slight pause then the door opens; it’s Mohammad.

Hussein hastily chucks the book back into the chest.

Mohammad enters. He gestures to Hussein.

Hussein, ikut appa.

Hussein is puzzled but follows Mohammad out of the room.


Hussein and Mohammad are in front of a locked DOOR.

Dalam ini, hadiah kedua kamu, Hussein.

Hussein is surpised.

Wah... selama ni, saya ingatkan ini cuma bilik stor. Tempat simpan hadiah, rupanya...

Mohammad suddenly flips open a set of KEYS. In a fast-forward manner, Mohammad opens 8 different locks. Hussein is even more impressed.

Mohammad pushes the door open, and suddenly a beam of LIGHT comes shining through.


Hussein walks in slowly while Mohammad follows behind.

Once inside, we see the walls are adorned with PORTRAITS of prominent Mamaks with gold-rimmed frames. The lighting is spectacular.

(pointing to the portraits)
Hussein, ini semua nenek moyang engkau. Sejak bertapak di bumi Malaysia ini lebih 200 tahun lalu, kita telah berbakti dengan mengisi perut orang ramai dengan makanan yang tiada tolok bandingnya.

(whispering to himself)
Dua ratus tahun...

(pointing again at the portraits)
Kadeer Best Nasi Kandar 1876.

INSERT: Kadeer receives a trophy from a BRITISH GUY in 1876. Kadeer looks exactly like Mohammad.

Itu pulak, Nasser Teh Tarik Terbaik, 1942.

INSERT: Nasser receives a trophy in 1942 from a JAPANESE GUY. Nasser looks exactly like Mohammad as well.

Itu, Mahbob Rojak of the Year, 1962.

INSERT: Mahbob receives a trophy in 1962 from TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN. Mahbob also looks exactly like Mohammad.

Mohammad, Mamak Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang 2005.

INSERT: Mohammad receives a trophy from PAK LAH.

Hussein touches his face as if wondering if he’ll turn out to look like all of them.

(pointing to a picture-less frame)
Yang ini pulak... Untuk gambar engkau, Hussein. Pewaris Mohammad Nasi Kandar.

Hussein is surprised.

Er, t-t-tapi macam mana dengan abang Ali Deen, yo yo yo?

(suddenly turning angry)
Rapper kelas ketiga tu? Muzik Muzik semifinal pun kalah. Buat malu keturunan!
(starts ranting in Tamil, then continues...)
Hussein, appa nak kau janji.

Janji apa, appa?

Janji yang kau takkan malukan keluarga kita. Janji kau takkan kecewakan appa macam si Ali tu, dan majukan lagi bisnes kita ini. Ingat, jangan sesekali lupakan asal usul kita. Inilah misi kita di bumi ini. Bukannya jadi artis hip-hop. Cit!

Hussein just looks down and doesn’t say anything.

Dan bila kau sudah kahwin nanti dan ada keluarga sendiri, kau akan jadi pemilik penuh Mohammad Nasi Kandar!
(a beat)
Hussein, kenapa? Kau pun nak kecewakan appa?

Mohammad starts touching his CHEST, like a heart-attack is coming.

(while forcing a smile)
Tak. Tak, appa. Saya janji. Lagipun, saya lagi suka rock daripada hip-hop.

Mohammad suddenly feels better now and smiles. He puts his arm around Hussein. They look at the portraits again together. Hussein has his mind on something else.


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