Friday, August 15, 2014

Mamak Cupcake Di Pawagam 28 Ogos Ini!

Yes, yes, yes! After a long, long wait, "Mamak Cupcake" has a release date and will be in cinemas beginning 28th August 2014!


bea said...

Hi, Zul, :) First off, congrats on your latest project! This is bea, ex-ed of "M&B" mag.

My search for Zul Ariffin of "Rindu Awak 200%" somehow led me to your blog. :v What a delightfully roundabout way to catch up on many years of news on a versatile "Star Wars" fanboy whose workdesk used to be just next to mine back in our MediaCorp office in AmCorp.

Hey, I am really happy for you in seeing how you have been able to carry on flexing your creative muscles through various media platforms, plus those massive biceps that can even rival the other Zul's! ;) I am glad that you also have a fulfilling family and spiritual life.

Speaking of ABN for your promotion interviews, I am sure you know MC (a total stranger to me really), who now runs Bloomberg TV Malaysia. With BTM aiming to augment its staple with programmes on health, motoring, lifestyle, etc., do you reckon your production house collaborating (assuming it hasn’t already) on new projects in the near future?

Zul, given your wide-ranging expertise, you already tick all the boxes to fill the shoes of a heavyweight consultant for the broadcasting industry. I may not yet know you long and well enough, but what strikes me is your easy-going “anak jiran” personality, and reading your blog has been a reassuring confirmation. :D

M.Zul said...

Hi Bea,

What a wonderful surprise! And thanks for all the kind words. Hope you are keeping well too.

Hope we can keep in touch via email too . Stay well and God bless!


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