Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Say On Suarez

I must say that I was pretty sleepy when it happened. The Uruaguay vs Italy was freakin boring until the last few minutes, no? But we all know what happened. Uruguay won, Italy got dumped out of the tournament, and Luis Suarez apparently bit an opponent. Yes, again.

I was in disbelief, really. I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't. And I couldn't understand it. Apa hal mamat ni? Like, seriously? So before I go any further, let's agree that what he did was wrong, unprofessional and he should be banned.

Of course you can sense a "but" coming. Ahem. BUT, I find the the over-the-top hypocritical reaction by the people on my various timelines highly amusing.

The reason is obvious, of course. Every one of us has got our own bias when it comes to everything that happens around us. So, first come the haters, who will hate on everything. Then, those who can't stand the fact that Suarez has annihilated the teams they support over and over again these past few years. Then, there will be the clueless ones who know nothing about anything but will quickly jump on the bandwagon by sharing memes and quotes they hardly understand.

Out of this lot, of course I'm most irked by the "knowledgable" ones who are keen to defend and offer excuses to other flawed geniuses the sports world has ever seen. The Maradonas, the Cantonas, the Zidanes, etc...

First they will say, "but those guys never bit anyone, what?". Sure, of course not. Cos surely different people have different flaws. But, cheating and blaming it on God, or assaulting a ticket-paying fan, or heatbutting opponents are acts that are pretty shitty by anyone's standards.

But the shitheads who are constantly on Suarez's case just can't accept the fact that he is seriously flawed, and will be punished, and that will be that. You know, like real life?

Of course the same shitheads don't even realise, or have never said anything about certified-thug, Joey Barton, making his comeback to the BPL next season. Why? Because he plays for QPR and won't probably be scoring against their favourite teams.

Biting someone on the field is weird and unacceptable, but really, think about it, how does it affect the "victims'" careers? As compared to reckless players who tackle their opponents and leave them out of work for months or years? Or that one player who admitted to tackling another player out of revenge (come on, real fans should know all this).

A sport played by human beings (as far as I know), has also seen other bad behaviour such as inciting mutiny against one's own manager, fighting own teammates, spitting, stamping (on people's testicles), cursing, brawling, and the list goes on.

The other popular thing to say now is, "How can this guy become a role model?" But when I point out other footballers with shitty track records as human beings, the answer would be, "but they do it in their own homes, it doesn't affect football or other players." So yeah, taking drugs, having affairs (with your own siblings' wives), drunk driving, etc are all OK, and they would still qualify as role models because they've never bitten anyone on the field?

I'm confused, really. Sports role models are supposed to show only good examples while playing their sport and whatever they do outside of it, is OK? So, Tiger Woods is OK, right? OJ Simpson? Tony Adams? Graham Rix? Tonya Harding?

Let's have a consensus. I'm OK either way as long as we stick to it, really.

So, Suarez will and should be banned. Shithead hypocrites will rejoice at first, but will then say it's not enough cos he's Luis Suarez and he should be buried on the moon and never be allowed to see a football ever again. Cos they just can't let go, these shithead hypocrites...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The World Cup Is Here!

Been so busy with life, hadn't had the time to write a proper post with predictions and all. But if you really know me, you'll know that there is only one team I will ever pick to win the World Cup...

P.S.: Will be back with more of my predictions and an update on a possible guest spot on a local World Cup TV show. Stay tuned!


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