Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Food, Glorious Food!: Anuar Kari Kepala Ikan, Thai Thai, Naab, Cowboy Place...

Ah, it's been a while, hasn't it? Not to say that I've not been JJCM-ing, but you know lah, these days it's all about Instagram and stuff. So, food blogposts have become somewhat of an endangered species.

But to be honest as well, we've been pretty happy with our favourite places, and weekends have all been about Kokopelli, Ben's, Belanga and a couple of other familiar haunts. Still, allow me to share a couple of new experiences here, starting with good ol' kari kepala ikan!

It was on Malaysia Day when we were just craving for it. But instead of the usual Pelita, I put up a message on fb and received some recommendations. One of which was Anuar Kari Kepala Ikan in Bangsar (behind TMC). Ironically, I've worked and lived around this area, but have never set foot in this place. Or in this case, set foot on the pavement that they run their business on.

Yup, it's an ol'-fashioned al fresco, no-frills experience here. But you know they have been doing something right all these decades when the line is long and the tables are full. We ordered a fish head (what else?), with some fried chicken and squid as well. There are only two options for drinks; teh o ais limau, or teh o ais.

And my oh my, what a mini feast it turned out to be. The fish head was fresh with plenty of flesh and good parts to suck on. But there's something about the curry as well; it was deliciously smooth. I guess they actually filtered it before serving it up.

The chicken and squid were fried to perfection, and the sweat pouring down my face just added to the whole experience. We were literally licking our fingers by the end of the meal, and no, it did not cost a bomb. A rare thing here in KL these days.

Next up, just a single pic to introduce you lot to Thai Thai at Sunway Pyramid. It's a place that serves, surprise surprise, Thai food. Haha. Not a new joint, but it is definitely one of the best restaurant-grade Thai places in the Klang Valley (with actual Thai waiters and Thai piped-in music).

Everything in this pic turned out good. Well, except that the mangoes used for the catfish kerabu  (top left) was a bit masam. But everything else gets the thumbs up from us.

From Thai, here's a Persian food place right smack in the middle of the Golden Triangle, Naab. Located opposite Lot 10, it's definitely a popular place, what with the steady stream of Middle Eastern tourists flocking here to shop and fast-track our economy. Hehe.

Anyway, Middle Eastern cuisine is fast catching up here although we don't entirely understand the different varieties from the different countries. My favourite has always been Tarbush, which serves up the best beriyani and mixed grill. So, what about Naab?

Well, I have to say the kebab was superb. The richly-spiced meat was grilled to perfection, and it was definitely the highlight of the meal.

The beriyani was good, but not spectacular, although the chicken itself was above-average.

And speaking of the grilling of meat, here's a slightly less upscale place about 100kms away from the city; Cowboy Place in good 'ol Port Dickson. Once you turn left as you reach the main road by the beach, just be on the lookout for it on the other side of the road. It's pretty hard to miss as there's always a large crowd waiting to get a table. Also, the abundance of chicken being grilled which is within sight.

And they really serve up a simple cowboy meal; grilled chicken, rice, soup (although I suspect real cowboys in the Wild West would rather go for yaks and hogs, hehe).

And the verdict? Simple, yet satisfying. Oh yeah, while the meal is pretty much no-frills, should you come during the weekend, you will also be entertained by a "live" band that plays everything from Bad Company to Jimmy Palikat. Enjoy!


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