Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting Back Into The Game

Ramadhan was indeed a welcomed rest. But I guess I don't have to go into the details of how fulfilling it is spiritually, and the health benefits of 30 days of fasting actually brings. Overall, I didn't lose that much weight. Only 1.5 kgs, but I do feel healthier and physically rejuvenated.

Although my plan was not to completely stop any physical activities, I did, however, keep it at a minimum. I mean, it's never easy with the very early mornings and the adjusted working hours. With a significant amount of time allocated for our religious duties, I was happy with some mini workouts, usually just before buka puasa. But no, I did not go running. Not even once. Hehe.

And so, it's now time to re-look at my fitness goals and get back into the game. I've been to the gym three times since Raya and I'm slowly regaining the groove and strength. Although I have yet to visit the newly refurbished Fitness First IOI Mall. Yes, I have gone through more than a month without using my paid gym!

Yesterday morning too, I went for my first run. It was alright, but my legs were kind of aching by the time I got to the office. Haha. I think I have a couple of events coming up, but really, my running goals have been placed in the backseat for the rest of the year. 

So really, my goal now is to basically maintain my current weight and tone up, and become fitness cover model material. Hey, a man in his 40s can also dream, OK? :)

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