Monday, May 27, 2013

Goodbye MHI. Au Revoir Media Prima.

I'm writing this on a Monday afternoon, which can only mean I'm either on leave, or I'm in between jobs. And if you do follow me elsewhere in the social media realm, you'd know it is the latter.

Yup, last Thursday was my last day as an employee of Media Prima, a company I've been through so much with for the past six and a half years. And if you know me only through my hosting gig on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI), I humbly invite you to click on the "" and "tonton" tags positioned on the right of your screen to see some of the stuff I've been humbly part of.

I might write more about some of the more memorable experiences I had there, but for now, I just wanna say my deepest thank yous. First up, to the top management of MPB including the group managing director and the chairman. And of course, my immediate boss, Ahmad Izham Omar, the CEO of Primeworks.

Izham and the Primeworks HODs threw me a farewell do at One World a week before my last day, which was a complete surprise. I was told to attend a meeting with the sales group, but it turned out to be my farewell. I actually wanted to meeting postponed at the last minute!

And before that "meeting", my own new media team along with the marketing communication side also bid farewell to me, where everyone took turns to feed me cake. Hehe.

Then, it was my "old" colleagues of Alt Media's turn to give me yet another surprise when they ambushed my department meeting to say their goodbyes. I must say that I did pretty well holding back my tears on all these occasions.

And finally, I said my goodbyes last Wednesday to the team and audience of MHI, the morning talkshow on TV3 I've co-hosted for the past three years. I came closest to bawling my eyes out then, but seeing how everything was unfolding on NATIONAL TV, I restricted myself to a couple of sniffs.

I also had a nice lunch out with two of my closest buds at Kokopelli but keeping in mind where I'll be going next, we knew this wasn't really a goodbye.

Again, I just wanna thanks to everyone for your kind support and cooperation all these years and thanks for the warm goodbyes, gifts, cakes and balloons. May God bless all of you always. Till we meet again...


Alfred Rivera said...

Hi There, do write for EM Magazine before? somewhere in 1994 i was playing at the Hard Rock Cafe KL my Band Called BRAUNAWT, I'm not Really sure if you are disame person who wrote the article about my band and became our good friend.

M.Zul said...

HI Fred! Yes, it's Joey, the same person! Hehe. I remember you guys very well. In fact, I do keep in touch with Rene and George from time to time on fb. Are you in Singapore as well now?


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