Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fitness Inspiration: Ahmad Faiz Ariffin

Half my age, Ahmad Faiz Ariffin is my current fitness inspiration. I first spotted him on an fb group called Malaysia Muscle and was basically shocked to find out that he's only 20 years old! Also found out that he has three younger brothers, all of whom have been converted into gym enthusiasts by Faiz himself.

And so, I thought it was a good idea to invite Faiz and the whole posse to MHI and share their inspiring story. They were a bit nervous this morning, this being their first "live" interview on national TV, but it turned out good in the end, I thought. Well done, boys!

Faiz himself is a well-mannered, well-educated young boy with clear goals and obviously, the necessary drive and determination. He first got hooked on to the gym some three years ago, and decided to give body building a proper go. And so far, he's chalked up some top 3 finishes and even a title in the junior category of local bodybuilding competitions.

Faiz is also doing his ACCA at Sunway University College and is known as a humble and down-to-earth lad. And oh, with such a physique, modeling gigs have also been coming his way. In school, he was into chess, track & field and martial arts, and basically excelled in all.

I also told him about my own fitness goals, and he was kind enough to offer me any help needed. So, I might just take up on his offer and drop by the gym he goes to in Tmn Tun one of these days. Hello, bigger biceps!

You can read more about Faiz HERE and HERE

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Motivational Poster

With Larian 40 Taman 100km filed under "Mission: Accomplished", 2013 is about hitting another goal for me. I.e.: maintaining an ideal body weight to look good in a black T-shirt. Like so...


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