Monday, January 21, 2013

Larian 40 Taman 100km: We Did It!

The journey came to a glorious end last Friday (11 Jan 2013), and I wanna say right off the bat, thanks to everyone who made it happen! From the first run at Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya, to the final one at Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara. Fuh, 40 parks in one year. I had my doubts, to be honest, but to finally complete it is absolutely satisfying.

I always knew that the final run would be something very special, and when the MHI producers agreed to do a series of live crossovers on the day, my job was to also deliver good content, in addition to the final run.

At the park were Ally, Nadia and myself, and we started off by introducing the park itself and on the wonders of exercising. We also interviewed national marathoner Shahruddin Hashim who shared with viewers some very valuable running tips.

A couple more crossovers featured warm-up sessions and also an interview with a Jabatan Lanskap official, the department responsible for maintaining most of the parks in the country.


Then it was time for the run. After a simple countdown, more than 30 of us made one shortened round around the park, all captured "live" by the cameras.

And with that, Larian 40 Taman 100km came to and end. Overall, we did approximately 118kms and covered nine different states in the country and also visited London, Melbourne and Singapore.

Thank you again to everyone and keep on running!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

MHI 2013

We ushered in the New Year yesterday by debuting a new, fresher-looking set. Feedback has been very positive, and along with the new-look will come a much more reinvigorated feel in terms of content and presentation. Yup, that's our New Year's resolution indeed!

On a personal note, it will be my fourth year doing the show. I've grown and learned a lot myself since making my debut in 2010 and hope to contribute even more to the brand this year. And yes, thank you for all the continued support, our dear MHI audience!


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