Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favourite Stuff Of 2012

The Avengers
 Come on, was there another film as spectacularly fun as The Avengers in 2012?

Babel by Mumford & Sons
 The world needs more banjo-driven music. Especially when it's this good.

Blu Ray
The Dark Knight Trilogy
 Three awesome movies in a great package...

TV Show (Drama)
The Walking Dead
 Zombies have always, always been way cooler than vampires lah...

TV Show (Comedy)
The Big Bang Theory
 Who knew there's still a lot of depth left in this bunch of nerdy (and one sexy) characters?

Radio Show
The Evening Edition on Bfm
(Semi) serious discussions on the news of the day interspersed with obscure rock tunes. Well done, guys!

YouTube Channel
But of course!

 This book will change your life. Trust me.

"Train" in KL
Don't think they were in top form, but the hit-laden set was definitely crowd-pleasing enough

Kokopelli Travelers Bistro
 Nothing beats absolutely delicious food. And they have plenty of 'em here.

Westfield, Stratford City
 Great stores, fine halal makan places and a spectacular view of the Olympic Park. What more could
you ask for?

Nike Fuelband
Making fitness fun, and cool. Hurrah!

1 comment:

baguznet said...

Ini yg Restoran Kokopelli Travelers Bistro kat mana ni bro? Menarik jer tgk masakannya tu...


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