Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Favourite Moments Of 2012

Well for one, the day when the world did NOT end was pretty memorable. Phew! But it was yet another milestone-packed 365 days for me, and for that, I feel extremely blessed : )

Larian 40 Taman 100km
After catching the running bug last year, I started a community running project to promote healthy living and the appreciation of neighbourhood parks called Larian 40 Taman 100km. As I'm writing this, we have completed 37 out of 40 parks and it has been a really, really rewarding journey.

Harry Fotografi
Created and co-wrote this comedy series that went on-air on TV9 back in February.

Year 3 On MHI
Started out as an "accidental host" and now I'm truly enjoying every moment of it; from making potato salads and burgers, to interviewing local and international stars, and all manner of ordinary and extraordinary people. And oh yeah, even got my own Tia on the show. Cronyism at its best!

The British 10k London Run
Brunei was my first overseas run, and my personal best would have been clocked at another event in London in September, but this July event was the run of the year for me. It was challenging, emotional and fun, all at the same time. Read all about it HERE...

Moved To A New Pad

The Great Ocean Road Drive
It was our first time in Melbourne and we covered more than 1,000 kms, going up a mountain for snow fun and to an island to meet the penguins. But the highlight of highlights was indeed the drive along the Great Ocean Road that culminated in cool helicopter ride over the Twelve Apostles. What a day!

The Makeover
Got on the scale one day and saw that I've lost more than 15kgs since early last year. And I've gone from XL to M, and from 35 to 32 waist. Mission next year; to be good enough for a fitness mag cover model gig. Haha.

Back To School!
Left for the UK for a month to do an intensive film-making course and finally directed my first short film. Watch it HERE...

Mamak Cupcake
After a two-year wait, my first feature film went into production this past November. Yup, what a dream come true it was. The film will be released in late 2013, and in the meantime, more screenplays are on the cards. And hopefully, directing's in there somewhere as well for me :)


Yin said...

What a wonderful roundup of the year! I had fun reading it and watching your short film "Tweet". Thank you for sharing, Zul and here's to an awesome 2013 :)

M.Zul said...

Thanks Yin! Here's to an awesome-r 2013!


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