Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mamak Cupcake: And It's A Wrap!

The SMS from the producer came at 4.17am, Monday morning: "Syukur Alhamdulillah... MAMAK CUPCAKE wrap sudah. Amin : )". Yup, after a colourful 28 days, "Mamak Cupcake" is "in the can".

And what an experience it has been for me, personally. I was on set almost every day during the final week where crucial mamak restaurant and ballroom battle scenes were filmed, it was valuable hands-on experience for me as the writer. Thanks again to our director Ming Jin who shared a lot of his plans and vision with me, as well as giving me the opportunity to talk to the actors about their lines and performances.

The ballroom scenes, especially, were very challenging as we worked with over 100 extras, and not to mention, the complicated camera angles required to fully tell the story during those fast and frantic moments.

And of course, the cupcake scenes! We had hired professional baker Satira Diana whom, along with her team, came up with some truly inventive and eye-catching cupcakes.

One of the best parts about the film, as you will find out when it hits cinemas next year, is the wonderful cast itself. And it's great to note that they themselves have full confidence in the story being told, and their total commitment was nothing less than fantastic.

And oh, apart from our excellent cast, we also had a slew of "delicious" cameos by the likes of Dato' Chef Ismail, Adibah Noor, AG and, get ready for it, Dato' Hasbullah Awang!

Yup, I can't wait to watch it myself!

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baguznet said...

Congrats bro! Must be one of the best movie next year? Hope I won't miss it


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