Monday, October 08, 2012

Mamak Cupcake

Can't quite recall if I've mentioned this on this blog before, but about a couple of years ago, I started work on a screenplay called "Mamak Cupcake". It's a story about an heir to a mamak empire who wants nothing but to bake cupcakes instead. Yes, it IS indeed a comedy :)

Originally inspired by Ahmad Izham Omar, I have worked on the screenplay for the past couple of years; adding and twisting the story and characters after the project had been given the greenlight by Grand Brilliance. And the happy news now is that, shooting begins in a week's time!!!

After all the delays and setbacks, the film is finally getting made! The toughest part really was getting the right director. I had written a few drafts but I just needed a confirmed director to get into the details and share our vision for the story. So when Ming Jin (who recently directed GB's "KL Zombie") said yes to the project, it paved the way for the film to be fast-tracked.

The other challenge was in getting the lead actor. One name had been confirmed and shoot was slated for last July but it had to be postponed when it was found out that he was attached to another project. BUT now, it's all clear and the same actor will be leading the cast. That actor is 2010's Most Popular Superstar, Shaheizy Sam!

Indeed, we have a stellar cast! Apart from Shaheizy, we have Siti Saleha, Maria Farida, Faizal HotFM, Lydiawati, Azzad Jasmin and the legendary Acappan. Yes, Acappan! I had written the role specifically for him and I was over the moon when he said yes.

So, do stay tuned for more updates starting next week!

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