Saturday, September 22, 2012

The iPhone 5 Has Arrived!

I am still in two minds on whether I'll be picking up one soon, but I did have to check out what it was like on the first day of the iPhone 5 release. So after school today, I made my way to the Apple Store at Regent Street.

According to the London Evening Standard, 1,300 people had lined up before dawn to get their paws on the phone, a record queue for the flagship store! Check out what it was like around 5.30pm earlier today.

Yup, the queue to pay was reeeeally long...

I also made my way to the Apple Store in Covent Garden. It wasn't as busy at 8pm, but according to the same report above, hundreds had camped outside including one man who had waited for seven days and 15 hours!

So ok ok, here are pics of the new iPhone, finally...

And this is how it compares to the iPhone 4, size-wise.

Obviously I can't do a proper full review, but just as advertised, the new iPhone does feel lighter and fits well into my grip. As for prices, the unlocked sets cost £529 (16GB), £599 (32G) and £699 (64GB).

I must say though that the few people who directly stood next to me, had this to say: "Not much difference, eh?" Haha!



Climacool said...

lebih panjang dari 4s

Carrie-Ma said...

Salam M.Zul,

Nampak macam Ip5 tu adalah ip4s yang dikuruskan dan ditarik ke atas sikit je huhu


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