Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The NBA Came To Town!

Well, almost. A US Pro Basketball Alumni team took on the KL Dragons at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam last night and local bball fans got to see ex NBA stars in the flesh for the first time ever!

Before you think, aiya must be players from lousy Bobcats or something, check out the starting five: Scottie Pippen, Jason Williams, Mitch Richmond, Horace Grant and Dennis "The Worm" Rodman. Yes, THREE players from the two different great Chicago Bulls side!

So if course I had to be there with some of my bball kaki mates. We even got a good deal through Groupon (actually, they did all the work, thanks!)

The game actually started on time at 8.30pm but the stadium was unfortunately only half full. I blame whoever did the publicity. There was hardly any coverage in the local press for such a historic event. So lousy lah.

Anyway, the game took sometime to get into any sort of groove and both teams were basically just settling for jump shots.

I'm not gonna do a review of the whole game, but I must say that it did get more competitive from the second quarter onwards. In fact it got TOO competitive. I mean, in any sort of exhibition game, the fans come to see the players showing off their individual skills, but they must be given room to do so, especially with these older lot. But noo, the KL Dragons actually took the game a tad too seriously!

There were still some neat highlights though. Rodman actually made TWO three-pointers, Pippen dunked once and Williams showed off his amazing dribbling skills towards the end. And oh yeah, we all got a big rush from them throwing out autographed mini balls into the crowd. I almost caught one myself! Almost, lah...

In the end, the ex NBA-ers won by 20 something points or so, but the score didn't really matter. We got to see Rodman shoot threes! Now, THAT'S special..

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