Saturday, June 02, 2012

Welcome, The New Liverpool... Jersey!

So I came back from MHI yesterday and saw this email...

Woot! The new Liverpool jersey I ordered online had arrived in Subang! But here was the catch, we had a 1.35pm flight to Penang, so the question was, will the DHL guy come on time?

From thereon, I was literally at the edge of the sofa, constantly looking at the clock, and praying for a DHL van to pop up in front of the house.

I waited and waited, and declared 11.45 would be the latest we'd leave the house for the airport.

11.45 arrived and still there was nothing. Dejectedly, I loaded the bags into the car and we drove away. BUT...

As we reached the turning into the main road, a DHL van came from the opposite direction. Woot! BUT... the van then made a u-turn, instead of heading for our house. "Kejar, kejar!" said wifey. And so I chased after the van, for a good few hundred metres at that.

The van finally stopped at a furniture shop. I got out and asked if he had a package for my address. And the answer was... YES! Showed him my IC and signed for it and the package was in my hands now. Muahahaha...

They promised delivery on June 1st and they delivered. And for the first batch of online purchases, we also got a GBP20 Warrior Liverpool T-shirt for free!

And of course I just had to change into the brand new LFC jersey once we reached the airport...

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