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Food, Glorious Food!: April 2012 Edition (Subang Ku Restaurant, Senibong, Marmalade, T Forty Two, Periuk Belanga)

Another long overdue post, but rest assured I have some absolutely delicious offerings to share (although I might not recall all the details lah, hehe). So here goes...

First up is a seafood place that's been around for ages but only recently discovered by us. That too, by pure accident. One fine evening, we were craving for some crabs and decided to go to South Sea Seafood in Subang. But when we got there, the place was really crowded and I basically got pissed off by the lack of a queue system.

Frustrated, I then thought about this other place opposite Skypark that we often pass by but never tried before. We googled for a bit and saw some pretty good reviews.

There was ample parking space at Subang Ku Restaurant, and instantly we were greeted by good and attentive service. That's a plus point right there. We then ordered buttered prawns, vege, lala in oyster sauce and the piece de resistance, the salted egg crabs!

One by one the dishes came and we were wowed that each one delivered in terms of taste and presentation. The crabs especially, were absolutely wonderful, with plenty of flesh to chomp on.

Can't remember how much we paid (sorry!), but it was indeed a good experience, and we will definitely return!

Up next, more scrumptious seafood! Yes, I've blogged about Senibong in JB before, but when we returned there the other day, we decided to try another restaurant as recommended by a blog reader, i.e.: Permata Senibong Seafood & Steamboat, serving seafood with a nyonya twist!

We went a bit crazy by ordering more than we could eat. Or so it seemed.  Hehe. Of course, we had to have some sotong and that was first on the list! The sotong bakar was perfectly grilled and all the sambals tasted great. A good start to the meal!

Up next was something unique; kupang masak lemak cili api. It looked a lot too although we ordered the small size, but guess what? There was nothing left after we were done with it. Well, except for the shells, lah.

OK, then came our two favourite dishes. The first was siakap stim nyonya, which was absolutely DE-LI-CIOUS! We really didn't know what to expect, but the first sip of the soup was enough for us to give it a big fat thumb's up! It was sweet, sourish and a tad spicy. Not quite tiga rasa, but a milder yet more satisfying version. A real winner, this. 

The second one is our little one's favourite: gong gong in oyster sauce (even the name's cute)! First time eating it, you have to pull out the itsy-bitsy tail to get to the flesh. But it was worth it! Again, we finished every single one of these babies.

Overall, a great dining experience that was well worth the money. Definitely a mesti-cuba!

OK, time to leave behind the seafood and head back to KL for some "urban" experience. Haha. While at Bangsar Village the other day, we wanted to try something apart from one of the Ben's joints there and decided on Marmalade. Made a quick survey via google and most people had positive stuff to say about it.

The place is very children-friendly, from the decor, furnishings and its menu. But the experience turned to be just so-so for us. I ordered the beef pie and was disappointed that they used minced beef instead of beef chunks. The sides were just average.

The big breakfast too was just alright. Same goes with the apple crumble. Verdict? Meh.

Moving along. For tea one day, we dropped by T Forty Two at Empire Shopping Gallery. The macaroons on the window display did it for us, really. Apart from macaroons, they also serve scones, cakes, sandwiches, truffles, and a variety of teas.

And yes, the macaroons turned out to be really good! Not La Duree good, but one of the best I've had here in KL. BUT, please make 'em slightly bigger lah : )

It's a very pleasant place to chill out, have a spot of tea and read a hoity-toity magazine. Try it!

And lastly, it's time for some Johor food in Kelana Jaya! Found this place by accident, as I just couldn't resist the photos of soto at Periuk Belanga, Dataran Glomac when we drove past it. Yes, it's the same Periuk Belanga from Danga Bay, so I sort of knew what to expect.

Started off with lai cikang ais. No complaints there.

Then it was time for the soto. It was only slightly above-average. The kuah was good, and all the condiments were there but there was that extra something that was missing. But still sedap lah.

We also ordered the asam pedas with rice. Doesn't look impressive, huh? But it did taste like a genuine Johor asam pedas. Not too overpowering, yet with just an enough amount of  "kick" to make it memorable. And I have to say that it did remind of my late grandmother's asam pedas.

And for "dessert", we had the rojak buah. It was good, but could have been better with some jambu air in the mix as well.

We'll probably be back to try out some of the other dishes, and oh yeah, the famous Fendi Ikan Bakar is just opposite this place! : ) Happy makan, folks!


June Malik said...

Permata senibong ni one of the many at the senibong seafood place?? Am staying in jb now and wd like to try the dishes u recommended .. Nampak sedap!

M.Zul said...

Hi June,

Yes, the dishes memang sedap! Do try and let me know :)

June Malik said...

I will :), thanks!!


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