Thursday, March 01, 2012

Larian 40 Taman: Taman Botanikal Melaka

What a pleasant surprise it was when I made my way to the Taman Botanikal Melaka for the 7th Larian 40 Taman this past Saturday! I mean, I had done some research through the net on what to expect, but this was really a case of Indah Khabar, Indah Rupa...

Getting there was easy peasy from our hotel near Ayer Keroh (I was in town for Jom Heboh, FYI). One straight road, turn right when you see the signboard, and voila!, it's there. Parking was also a breeze, and it was great to see that although it was still early, scores of people were already making their way to the park.

I looked around the area a bit and instantly recognised how well-maintained the whole area was. And for that, I give the park management a big thumbs up! After all, we're not that big on maintenance culture here in Malaysia. Ahem.

I then started my solo run without really knowing where I was going. I just followed where the jogging track took me, and it took me past some magnificent views and discoveries.

I'm not a botanist by a long shot, but I imagine the actual botanists out there would simply love just to explore the different varieties of floral species here.

It turned out into more of a photo-taking session rather than a proper run, but hey, I was genuinely impressed, OK?

This place is perfect for the whole family with loads of attractions that include a few parks-within-the-park, the Kampung Buku, Muzium Perhutanan, Cafes, etc.

But yes, despite the abundance of distractions, I did manage to complete the 3km run. And I'll be sure to come back again sometime soon!

For the full report, click HERE

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