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Food, Glorious Food!: The Comeback Edition (Lazio, Mukha Cafe, Rebung & Asam Pedas Melaka)

OK OK, I know. Where are all the new food posts here, huh? Has this become an entirely running blog? Well, no way, I say! The truth is, they've not been many new places I've explored these past couple of months, and yes, I've been busy with the Larian 40 Taman project as well. But hey, let's get the ball rolling again, shall we?

First up is an Italian joint... in JB. Yes, indeed. The fact is, Johor is known for its local food in moderate settings, but there are a few good fancy establishments as well, including this one, Lazio Italian Restaurant & Cafe at Danga Bay.

We've been here before ages ago and I can tell you that this was where we had one of the best Fillet Mignons ever. Surprising eh?  And so, it was exactly the Fillet Mignon that we had on our minds on our second visit this past January. Unfortunately, it's no longer on the menu. Boo hoo. So we had the regular Italian staples...

The pizza and soup were pretty OK, nothing spectacular. And we also tried the steak...

Which turned out to be average as well. But Lazio is not really a lost cause. We enjoyed the ambience and the view over Danga Bay. Service was not bad as well : )

Up next is the new favourite amongst many of my peeps: Mukha Cafe in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (same row as Penang Village). It's an east meets west meets middle eastern concept here and is the chill joint of choice for those who work and/or live in the vicinity.

I've been here a few times, and I must say the food has remained consistently good, while the service has remained consistently so-so. Haha! My favourite? The steak sandwich, definitely. The beef is always nice and tender and the portion is just enough for a good meal. The sweet potato curls could get a tad oily sometimes though.

Fans of Johor food must be delighted by the inclusion of Kacal Pol (spelt here as "Fol") in the menu. Do order the additional egg as well to make it 100% authentic. We've also tried the lamb cutlets and big brekky (although the place doesn't open for breakfast), and they were all worth the RM.

But seriously, if you're at Mukha, it would be a grave mistake not to try their desserts.The dilemma I'm faced with every time would be, which one to choose?? The pavlova? Red velvet? Banoffee? You simply can't go wrong with any of these, my friends.

Meanwhile, if you're a fan of straight up Malay food, you can't go wrong with the weekend lunch buffet at Rebung, Bangsar. Yes, this is the one owned by celebrity chef, Chef Ismail. A friendly word of advice: Make sure you get there early cos 1. there's a lack of parking space around that area, 2. loads of other people will be there too!

As for the food, it's not an exaggeration to say that this was one of the best Malay buffets we've ever had. Everything tasted good and authentic. Apologies cos this was a few months back so I can't quite recall all the specific dishes, and the pics don't really do the food any justice. But I do remember trying almost everything and being impressed every time. The spread wasn't that excessive in terms of the choices but it definitely had the best of what Malay cuisine have to offer.

Also can't remember how much we paid per pax, but it was also worth every sen of our RM.

One more place to share for good Malay food, but this time I'm taking you guys down to Melaka. And as they say, "When in Melaka, eat asam pedas!" Hehe. But where exactly? Well, allow me to suggest the Pasar Borong at Batu Berendam. Yes, Pasar Borong. There's a whole row of makan stalls next to the pasar and most of them sell scrumptious, authentic Melaka asam pedas.

We picked the second stall from the far left, a favourite with our own peeps in Melaka. You can choose any type of asam pedas here, not just the normal fish or beef. And so, we ordered two different types, asam pedas tetel and asam pedas telur ikan.

Fuyooo, memang terangkat! That's about the best description I could give it. Of course you don't eat it just like that, as each set comes with rice, some vege, papadom and telur masin; the perfect combination! And it was pretty cheap too, less than RM10 per set.

So that's it folks for this "comeback edition". I've got loads more to share soon, so do stay tuned!

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