Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Larian 40 Taman: Taman Bukit Jalil

The fourth run in the Larian 40 Taman series was held at Taman Bukit Jalil this past Saturday. Now, this is a park that I'm quite familiar with, being just a stone throw's away from where I live.

I was quite astounded by what I saw the first time I visited Taman Bukit Jalil. It covers a huge area and has something for everyone. It's got a jungly area with an already laid-out trail for those into jungles (or climbing up hills), wide open spaces for picnicking and family-friendly games, a good jogging track, ponds with actual fish in them, etc. On Sundays especially, you'll also see various groups doing chi qong. It's really a place teeming with all sorts of healthy activities!

Anyway, it was a pretty cool and cloudy day when we gathered for the run on Saturday. And it was great to see some returning faces from the first run! Putting myself aside, there are now quite a few people who have joined at kleast two out of the four runs so far. Will make sure to keep records after this. Also present were some folks from the office, including Malaysia Hari Ini boss and GM of magazine and documentary Primeworks Studios, AKZ.

Again, it was a pretty relaxing run around the park. And everyone was really supportive of some newbies, waiting for them to catch up after the first round.

I must confess to doing something pretty deceiving though. As usual, I told everyone that the run would be around 2.5km in distance, but we ended up doing 3.53km. A record for Larian 40 Taman! No matter that a couple of the runners actually said, "Patutlah rasa macam jauh je". Haha. But hey, it's for everyone's good, right? : )

 For the full report, click HERE

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