Monday, January 16, 2012

Strapped Up But Raring To Go!

Went to the doctor after MHI this morning and told her my sad story of what happened. My left ankle is bandaged now and I've been given painkillers and told to rest. The good news? No need for me to be referred to the hospital and get an X-Ray taken. For now, at least.

Told the doc I need to run this weekend and she's quite optimistic I'd be fine by then. Woohoo! For now, I've got my ankle up and just chilling out. But my mind's really on the 2nd Larian 40 Taman in JB this Sunday. Wish me luck, peeps!


Anonymous said...

JB? specific location mr mzul?? saya jua nk berlari

M.Zul said...

Di Taman Merdeka depan RTM tu. Jom!

Shining Life said...

get well soon


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