Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mizuno Wave Run 2012

My ankle is strapped up now and I'm in considerable pain, but apart from that, the Mizuno Wave Run 2012 earlier this morning was a pretty good event.

Reached UPM around 6.30am and had to park by the roadside a few hundred metres away from the stadium. And that was when my "kecelakaan" happened. The walkway was really uneven and after a couple of near-misses, I twisted my ankle and nearly fell. The pain was sharp and instant damnit! I managed to take a pic of the culprit on the way back...

Haiyo, I was in two minds then. Should I turn back and head home, or just walk it off? It didn't get any better when I reached the stadium, but I proceeded to warm up anyway.

Couldn't really warm up properly though as my mind was still on the pain, but I then proceeded to make my way to the Start area where the ladies were waiting to be flagged off first. By this time, the ankle was a tad better, and there was no swelling. So the decision was made; finish the run at all costs.

The ladies were flagged off at 7am sharp. And 10 mins later it was our turn. As usual, I started at the back.

I started running and thankfully, everything was a-ok. BUT, then we had to quickly negotiate some tricky inclines. I guess we're just not done with the bukits yet after the Newton run a fortnight ago.

And yes, the compression pants worked wonders for me again. The shins and calves held up right till the end. The first water station was at 3km, and I must applaud the organizers for being so well-organized in every aspect of the event. We even got Gatorade at the 2nd water station! : )

The thing about this run though, every time I found a comfortable pace, there was a bukit to negotiate. Even the last km was a tough climb up a hill! Tak kasi chan langsung! But overall, it was a rather nice route with parts of UPM I had never seen before.

I was glad and relieved to see the Finish line and completed the run in 84mins. Not bad with the bad ankle and all. And it's also a great feeling every time someone comes up to me and say that they decided to run because they saw me doing it on TV. Aww...

I have to again applaud the organizers for a job well-done. Things were well organized at the Finish area, and there were fruits, nasi lemak, taufu fah, milo, Gatorade etc for the finishers.

Will definitely remember this run for a long time, and for various reasons too!


Renny Ann said...

good job Mzul! biarpun kaki terpelecok, u still manage to finish the run with a good timing! well done & keep it up! see u at the next race :-)

kingkong said...

Hope your leg is ok. Saw you in the race. I will say hi to you in the future race.

Izman said...

sempat amik satu snap tadi hehe. Thanks!

patchris said...

I was there, too, and had fun! My first 10km run :)

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

excellent work mate, even with the injured ankle. well done!

I really did enjoy the run and looking forward for the next one ahead!


Izman said...

Great Run. Moga kaki tu cepat Sembuh

M.Zul said...

Renny: Good job to u too!

Kingkong: yes, pls say hi next time : )

Izman: Thanks for the pic!

Patchris: Congrats on ur first 10km!

Ttdrinker: I like ur name : )

Anonymous said...

Was there too. The nasi lemak was awesome especially after a long run. Hahahahaha.


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