Friday, January 27, 2012

Larian 40 Taman: Taman Rekreasi & Terapi Pantai Purnama Port Dickson

So, after JB, we headed off to PD for some R&R and at the very last minute I decided it was good if I could get a run in as well. It actually depended on the state of my ankle, and as it seemed to be doing alright, I proceeded with Larian 40 Taman's third run all on my own.

Taman Rekreasi & Terapi Pantai Purnama was just a stone throw's away from the hotel we were staying, so it took just a few minutes to get there on Tuesday morning. It was calm and peaceful and the water looked very inviting. But my mission was of course to run the track.

It was a relaxing run but I did have to negotiate a couple of hilly obstacles. And even though it was very early in the morning, there was already a good crowd there, most of them, I assumed, had camped out the  night before. It was also interesting to see kids and makciks fishing by the jetty. Yes, makciks in baju kurungs, no less!

Not much to report from this run, but I have to highlight one important thing: I was truly shocked by the amount of rubbish people had left on the beach. Seriously, it was one of the most appalling sights I have ever seen at any beach, anywhere in the world. It also confirmed that yes, we are still a third world nation with little regard for the environment. People simply chucked out mineral water bottles, leftover food and since this was the festive season, mandarin orange skins, into the sea.

Seriously, is this how these people behave even at home? Check out exhibits A & B...

Come on people, how hard is it to bring along a trash bag, collect your own rubbish and dump them into the provided bins? Even just thinking about it now makes my blood boil!

Anyway, for a full report on the run, please click HERE

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Munir Penang said...

Salam bro, larian taman tak mai ka ke penang??


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