Monday, January 30, 2012

Harry Fotografi Bermula Sabtu Ini Di TV9!

Harry Fotografi, the comedy series I conceptualised and co-wrote for TV9 will begin airing this weekend in the OMG slot! Yes, you bet I'm damn excited! The first two episodes will be aired on Saturday and Sunday at 7.30pm, a new time slot for OMG.

Please key in reminders on your Blackberry/iPhone/Android phone and hit me up with comments after the show : )

Cabaran demi cabaran yang mencuit hati

Petaling Jaya, 27 Januari 2012 – Pernah melalui pelbagai situasi memalukan, pelik dan melucukan  ketika hendak mengambil gambar? Inilah yang dilalui oleh Harry setiap hari ketika menjalankan tugasnya sebagai seorang jurugambar dalam drama bersiri komedi terbaru Harry Fotografi” yang akan mula disiarkan menerusi slot Oh! Mari Gelak! (OMG) mulai 4 Februari, setiap Sabtu dan Ahad jam 7.30 malam.

Drama komedi 14 episod ini menggabungkan barisan pelakon serba boleh iaitu Zul Yahya, Putri Mardiana, Jehan Miskin dan Kumin. Ia mengisahkan tentang Harry (Zul Yahya) yang menjalankan bisnes fotografi bersama kakak andartunya iaitu Mary. Harry juga dibantu oleh D-Boy (Kumin) yang tidak tahu langsung tentang selok-belok penggambaraan dan sering menimbulkan masalah kepada Harry.

Setiap projek yang diambilnya pasti ditambah dengan seribu satu masalah dan cabaran. Memang sudah menjadi cita-cita Harry sejak kecil lagi untuk menjadi seorang jurugambar yang berjaya tetapi dapatkah dia mencapai cita-citanya dengan segala cabaran yang ada?

Bukan itu sahaja, malah Harry juga perlu melayan karenah tunangnya,  Arissa (Putri Mardiana) yang sangat dahagakan masa dan kasih sayang Harry. Sikap Arissa yang sentiasa inginkan perhatian Harry itu telah merumitkan lagi kerjayanya. Tiap-tiap hari ada sahaja yang menyukarkannya untuk menyiapkan projek.

Pada episod pertama, Harry mendapat projek perkahwinannya yang pertama di mana pasangan Iman (Bell Ngasri) dan Emma bertandang ke studionya untuk mengambil gambar mereka sebagai pengantin baru. Baru sahaja beberapa minit di studio tersebut, mereka sudah bertengkar bagaikan hendak runtuh bangunan! Pada masa yang sama, hari tersebut merupakan hari ulang tahun pertunangan Harry bersama Arissa. Arissa sudah begitu teruja untuk makan malam bersama Harry tetapi Harry masih belum boleh siapkan kerjanya. Bagaimana Harry mahu melengkapkan tugasnya jika Iman dan Emma tidak berhenti bergaduh?

Episod kedua pula menyaksikan Harry mendapat sebuah projek penggambaran bersama anak-anak seorang Datin berstatus tinggi... dan berhidung tinggi juga! Harry dan Mary begitu gembira kerana yakin projek ini senang dilakukan dan mudah mendapat bayaran yang tinggi. Rupa-rupanya “anak-anak” Datin tersebut adalah kucing-kucing belaannya. Harry dan Mary mula gelisah kerana kedua-dua mereka alah kepada kucing! Perlukah mereka membatalkan projek ini?

Berjayakah Harry menjadi seorang yang disegani dalam industri fotografi? Lihat  keletah Harry dan orang sekelilingnya dalam drama terbaru “Harry Fotografi” di bawah Fuze Productions diterbitkan oleh Azizi “Chunk” mulai 4 Februari ini pada hari Sabtu & Ahad jam 7.30 malam.

Selamat bergelak ketawa!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Larian 40 Taman: Taman Rekreasi & Terapi Pantai Purnama Port Dickson

So, after JB, we headed off to PD for some R&R and at the very last minute I decided it was good if I could get a run in as well. It actually depended on the state of my ankle, and as it seemed to be doing alright, I proceeded with Larian 40 Taman's third run all on my own.

Taman Rekreasi & Terapi Pantai Purnama was just a stone throw's away from the hotel we were staying, so it took just a few minutes to get there on Tuesday morning. It was calm and peaceful and the water looked very inviting. But my mission was of course to run the track.

It was a relaxing run but I did have to negotiate a couple of hilly obstacles. And even though it was very early in the morning, there was already a good crowd there, most of them, I assumed, had camped out the  night before. It was also interesting to see kids and makciks fishing by the jetty. Yes, makciks in baju kurungs, no less!

Not much to report from this run, but I have to highlight one important thing: I was truly shocked by the amount of rubbish people had left on the beach. Seriously, it was one of the most appalling sights I have ever seen at any beach, anywhere in the world. It also confirmed that yes, we are still a third world nation with little regard for the environment. People simply chucked out mineral water bottles, leftover food and since this was the festive season, mandarin orange skins, into the sea.

Seriously, is this how these people behave even at home? Check out exhibits A & B...

Come on people, how hard is it to bring along a trash bag, collect your own rubbish and dump them into the provided bins? Even just thinking about it now makes my blood boil!

Anyway, for a full report on the run, please click HERE

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Larian 40 Taman: Taman Merdeka Johor Bahru

So, despite the worries about my ankle, the 2nd "Larian 40 Taman" went on without a hitch this past Saturday at Taman Merdeka in my hometown, JB. To be honest, I'm not 100% yet, but cancelling the run was never in consideration.

 I got there at around 7.15am and already there were some runners waiting for me. The crowd this time around was slightly different than the first run, as more people brought their whole families to join in the fun. So it was pretty cool to see all these kids very "semangat" to hit the track! A couple of friends from KL who were in town also took part. You guys are awesome lah.

Taman Merdeka at Jalan Tasek Utara (opposite RTM) itself wasn't always a park. There used to be some chalets a few decades ago, and I remember passing by this place every day on the school bus going back home. There used to be a pool here as well where they kept dolphins. Yes, dolphins!

For the longest time, the area was left just like that after the chalets were torn down. And now it's become a recreational park which is fast-gaining popularity amongst JBians. I say "fast-gaining" cos the favourite spot has been the Kebun Bunga Istana. But it was closed since the New Year for renovations, so the crowd has moved over here.

Anyway, other than the murky water, the park is indeed a pretty cool place. Strategically located with lots of space, it offers some nice views of JB too. "Larian 40 Taman" would definitely recommend it to visitors of JB and residents alike.

Back to the run, we started at around 7.45am and covered a distance of 2.46km. Everyone was in good spirits and the kids really tried their best to complete the route.

And really, Johoreans are just friendly and nice people lah. Even the ones who didn't join us, said hello and spurred us on.

So I wanna give a special shoutout to everyone who participated in Saturday's run. And because it's Johor, it's even more appropriate for me to say, You Guys Rock!

For more photos and the full report on the run, click HERE

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Larian 40 Taman: Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya

Yes, we did it! The first run in the Larian 40 Taman series was held this past Saturday at Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya, and I can say it was quite a success. Some 40 plus people of all ages turned up, and I was more than happy by it. Thanks everyone!

There was a simple registration process before free T-shirts were given to those who had emailed earlier. And people really liked the design as well. Thumbs up to the logo designer, Azrin!

Most of those who turned up heard about the event through the Larian 40 Taman twitter and fb accounts, as well as my fb friends, MHI viewers and of course my Media Prima peeps. Even those who couldn't run, popped up to lend their support (yes, I'm talking about you Iesta! haha).

It was a nice and leisurely run around the park with a total distance of 2.7km, after which I handed out mineral water to everyone.

It was the perfect start to the campaign and I sure am looking forward to the next run in my hometown, JB this Sunday.

For the first run's full report and video, click HERE

Monday, January 16, 2012

Strapped Up But Raring To Go!

Went to the doctor after MHI this morning and told her my sad story of what happened. My left ankle is bandaged now and I've been given painkillers and told to rest. The good news? No need for me to be referred to the hospital and get an X-Ray taken. For now, at least.

Told the doc I need to run this weekend and she's quite optimistic I'd be fine by then. Woohoo! For now, I've got my ankle up and just chilling out. But my mind's really on the 2nd Larian 40 Taman in JB this Sunday. Wish me luck, peeps!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mizuno Wave Run 2012

My ankle is strapped up now and I'm in considerable pain, but apart from that, the Mizuno Wave Run 2012 earlier this morning was a pretty good event.

Reached UPM around 6.30am and had to park by the roadside a few hundred metres away from the stadium. And that was when my "kecelakaan" happened. The walkway was really uneven and after a couple of near-misses, I twisted my ankle and nearly fell. The pain was sharp and instant damnit! I managed to take a pic of the culprit on the way back...

Haiyo, I was in two minds then. Should I turn back and head home, or just walk it off? It didn't get any better when I reached the stadium, but I proceeded to warm up anyway.

Couldn't really warm up properly though as my mind was still on the pain, but I then proceeded to make my way to the Start area where the ladies were waiting to be flagged off first. By this time, the ankle was a tad better, and there was no swelling. So the decision was made; finish the run at all costs.

The ladies were flagged off at 7am sharp. And 10 mins later it was our turn. As usual, I started at the back.

I started running and thankfully, everything was a-ok. BUT, then we had to quickly negotiate some tricky inclines. I guess we're just not done with the bukits yet after the Newton run a fortnight ago.

And yes, the compression pants worked wonders for me again. The shins and calves held up right till the end. The first water station was at 3km, and I must applaud the organizers for being so well-organized in every aspect of the event. We even got Gatorade at the 2nd water station! : )

The thing about this run though, every time I found a comfortable pace, there was a bukit to negotiate. Even the last km was a tough climb up a hill! Tak kasi chan langsung! But overall, it was a rather nice route with parts of UPM I had never seen before.

I was glad and relieved to see the Finish line and completed the run in 84mins. Not bad with the bad ankle and all. And it's also a great feeling every time someone comes up to me and say that they decided to run because they saw me doing it on TV. Aww...

I have to again applaud the organizers for a job well-done. Things were well organized at the Finish area, and there were fruits, nasi lemak, taufu fah, milo, Gatorade etc for the finishers.

Will definitely remember this run for a long time, and for various reasons too!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Larian 40 Taman 100 Kilometer Poster

As a reminder, the first run with take place this Saturday, 14th of January at Taman Tasik Kelana Jaya. Flag off will be at 7.30am. No registration required. Just come by with friends and family and run/walk together. It's all about having fun!


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