Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visit Britain 2011: Winter Wonderland

And my final post on "Visit Britain" takes us to "Winter Wonderland"; London's Spectacular Christmas Destination at Hyde Park. Ironic though that we only visited it on the very last day of our trip despite it being a stone throw's away from where we we staying.

Anyway, we only heard great things about it when we got to London, although on one day, it was reportedly closed due to overcrowding. Yes, it's THAT popular.

We were from Covent Garden and took the tube to Hyde Park Corner. After just a short walk, voila! We were right smack in the middle of the sights, smell and sound of X'Mas at Winter Wonderland. Waaahhh, was all we could muster...

The vastness of Hyde Park was transformed into a wondrous land with food, drink and gift stalls, rides, an ice skating rink, a giant wheel, a circus and loads, loads more...

Having not booked in advance, we did not get to see the circus, but kiddo of course went crazy looking at all the rides. FYI, the rides averaged GBP2-4 per ride. And please note that accompanying adults need tokens as well. No free rides!

The joy was really endless, although we did get no joy from the weather. At zero degrees (the coldest it was during our entire trip), our teeth were clattering as it got deeper into the night. It didn't help that I lost one of my gloves earlier so my hand felt like, well, it didn't feel anything, actually.

But it was indeed a magical night, after which we got back to the hotel, had dinner with my brother-in-law and his mate, and took a taxi to Gatwick. Sob sob : /


Harteeny said...

Winter Wonderland. I's looking forward to see this. Our trip will be next week! Bestnya tengok your pictures!

M.Zul said...



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