Friday, December 16, 2011

Visit Britain 2011: A Run In The Park

So, one of the reasons why I chose a hotel near Bayswater was because I knew I wanted to run at Hyde Park. I mean, how could I not, when it's one of the most iconic parks in the whole wide world right?

And so, on the third day we were there, I decided to put on my running gear and run up some KMs. Of course, the temperature on that day being around 5 degrees, I had to layer up and put on some gloves.

I've ran in the cold in Perth before, but this was an altogether different experience. Really enjoyed it, but halfway through, my eyes and nose were already berair. Haha.

 But the view was awesome. We got there as the sun was rising, so it was pretty special.

And so, I can now say... Hyde Park. Check.

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Intan said...

arghhhh.. bestnyeee.. nak pi sane gak.. sponsor buleh?? :P


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