Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favourite Stuff of 2011

Continuing this blog's great tradition, I present to you my favourite stuff from this year:

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Watched it twice (once at Sunway's brand new IMAX cinema and once at a regular one), I had my heart in my mouth most of the time on both occasions. A great popcorn movie that hits all the required action spots. And then some...

My extended edition and box-set collection
It's slowly building up (as my bank accout shrinks) but seriously, there's nothing like slipping in a blu-ray disc on a lazy Saturday afternoon and enjoying the incredible picture and sound.

CD (pop)
Adele's 21
Heart-wrenching, beatifully sung, masterly crafted, utterly memorable... I could go on and on.

CD (rock)
Foo Fighters' Wasting Light
A blistering barrage of awesome rock tunes recorded the old fashion way. Win!

Switchfoot in KL
Hated the venue (in "trendy" Jalan Ipoh, for crying out loud), but once the show started, Switchfoot proved that they could rock anytime, anywhere.

My Grammar and I
The horror! A book about grammar? Really? Well, when it's as well-written and entertaining as this, I can only say that this is the book for me. Or should that be 'I'?

TV Show
Piers Morgan Tonight
Took over from Larry King, and damnit, the dude is good. Seriously, this is the kind of show I wanna do in my lifetime. Yes, do watch this space.

Perth was precious, Gold Coast was great, but our winter sojourn in London and Paris tops it all...

So simple, yet it never fails to put a smile on my face...

Bose Headphone
Worth the money so far!

2011's the year of the dessert for me. And this particular one, a blend of things even I can't identify, tops my list. Yum!

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