Friday, December 30, 2011

My Favourite Moments of 2011

Oh what a year 2011 was! All around the world, loads of shit (good and bad) happened, and really, we never even had a chance to pause and breathe before something else happened. Natural disasters, political upheavals, celebrity deaths; it was an endless roller coaster ride for everyone, and for different reasons too.

But as usual, allow me to share the good stuff. Cos really, years from now, I'd rather be looking back on these personal moments rather than, say, the death of dictators. Read on!

The Finish Line
From ZERO runs in my lifetime, to seven different events throughout 2011. And it was a special feeling indeed every time I crossed that finish line.

Maharajah M.Zul
Dressed up for the Media Prima 1001 Raya and Primeworks won the best booth award! I think it was the celak. And fake mustache.

Primetime Fame
Yup! Had a small part in "Kias Ramadhan" on TV3. Over 1 million people watched it and the reviews were rather good. I should have been in "Ombak Rindu", man...

Met The Tallest Man In The World
Pictures will never do this man justice. Felt like I was in The Land of the Giants, or something.

Rocked KLCC
D'Kechewas annual rock-out took place at the KL Convention Centre this year during the MPB Screenings post party. And finally, I get to belt out Prince's "Kiss"!

Turned 40
And no, I don't feel ancient : )

Run M.Zul, Run!
As a final prep for the ntv7 Feel Good Run, I ran 3kms, "live" on national TV via Malaysia Hari Ini. And got a massage straight after. I love this gig...

Hey Look, No Lovehandles! (Well, almost)
Stepped on the scale one morning and discovered that I had lost 7kgs. Then I had a steak. Kidding!

After following the Liverpool anthem through TV all these years, finally joined thousands others in singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" during the Liverpool vs Malaysia match at the National Stadium. Goosebumps.

The Best Ever Negaraku
Also at the National Stadium. 85,000 proud Malaysians stood up to sing the national anthem with all their heart. I almost cried. Which I did after Malaysia failed to beat Singapore that night and we got knocked out of the World Cup qualifiers. Boo hoo.

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Bernadette Kennedy said...

It's cousin Bernie. 7 runs in 1 year. I feel tried just reading about your achievements.


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