Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Musang King: Or Is It?

Been craving for Durian even before our recent hols, but somehow never found the time to go roaming around looking for the spiky stuff. But last night, we saw some at the neighbourhood Giant, and decided to buy a few packs of the Musang King kind. (confession: I'm not really good at cracking open durians, God never gave me the skills).

Since they were closing the stall, the vendor gave me three packs for RM40 instead of just two. Chucked them at the back of the car, drove home like mad to prevent the smell from taking over and quickly savoured our loot...

They were good, BUT were they really Musang King? I wasn't so sure. I've had MK before, and I remembered being really wowed by it. This time around, I only liked it. I would say it was, at best, premium D24, but probably not MK.

But I guess the only way to know for sure is to buy more MK Durians elsewhere and do the comparison-o-doom test.  So, do watch this space : )

1 comment:

ansyirah said...

aii tahun ni x makan deroyan lagi. susah benar nak carinye :)
durian kampung the best!


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