Sunday, December 18, 2011

Harry Fotografi

"Harry Fotografi" is a comedy series I created and co-wrote for TV9 which will be on-air sometime next month. Yup, while I've written stories and scripts for online dramas before on, this is my first ever series for television. Woohoo! The first of many to come, I hope : )
Anyway, here's a short synopsis of what "Harry Fotografi" is all about:

"Harry Fotografi" is about a photography prodigy Harry who opens up his own studio and aims to be the best in the business. Harry is assisted by his andartu sister Mary, who’s the brash and couldn’t-care-less receptionist cum office manager.

Harry’s other assistant is D-Boy, a rap star wannabe who knows nuts about photography and usually gets Harry into MORE trouble. Arissa is Harry’s gedik and manja, yet supportive fiance, who hates and is hated by Harry’s sister Mary.

Every week, Harry takes on a new assignment that may seem easy and straightforward but is usually fraught with challenges and unexpected hurdles. His clients are always colourful and mystifying with their own demands and idiosyncrasies.

How does Harry manage to resolve these “challenges” and realise his dream of being the best in the business? Find out on “Harry Fotografi”!

"Harry Fotografi" stars Zul Yahya (Harry), Sharifah Shahorah (Mary), Kumin (D-Boy), Puteri Mardiana (Arissa) and Jehan Miskin (Maman). Directed by Azizi "Chunk" Adnan and team, my writing partner for some of the episodes is the very talented Sofia Rhyland.

Shooting began last Thursday, and everything looks good so far.

Indeed it's another dream coming true for me. Having been a fan of sitcoms since forever, I just knew that one day I'd be producing one of my own. The idea for "Harry Fotografi" came quite easily. I basically looked at what's popular with people now and photography's pretty top on the list. Couple that with my own experience in conducting photoshoots during my editor days with FHM, NewMan, etc, I knew it wouldn't be too hard to come up with the various comedic scenarios that would be perfect for TV.

Shooting will last for two weeks, and I'll be bringing more updates from time to time. So, stay tuned!

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