Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When In Penang... Eat!

So OK, I was in Penang for the Penang Bridge Marathon this past weekend, but in the name of carbo-loading, I just had to hit the makan trail as well. I mean, the last time I was there for work, we were pratically cooped up in the hotel at Tanjung Bungah and only had one visit to a nasi kandar place. So it was payback time!

But before that, I must say that my stay at the Eastin Hotel, Queensbay was a pretty good one. Nothing really outstanding about the joint, but everything was just good and nice. The executive room's of normal size but clean, with free wi-fi, an LCD TV with some decent pay TV channels, complimentary mini bar and rather nice views of the city...

Yup, if you get the sea view room, you could actually see both the bridges, which is pretty awesome in my books. And yes, Queensbay Mall is just next door, so plenty to do and experience around here. OK, on to the eating bit, now!

First stop was Nasi Kandar Line Clear, easily one of the most famous kandar joints in the land. Which was also my one and only kandar stop a few months back, so I kinda knew what to expect.

But that doesn't mean I didn't throughly enjoy the whole experience again. An experience that included a big, fat fish head, pedal ayam, sotong, papadom, vege and the magical mix of sauces. I thought they over did it with the rice, but I ate every single grain of it. Carbo-loading, mah!

And for dessert, I had the legendary cendol at Penang Road Famous Teowchew Chendul at KOMTAR. But if you're a purist, make sure you visit the original stall just around the corner. But be prepared to queue though.

My verdict? The cendol with ice cream was absoultely delicious, although there were a bit too much of the kacang bits. But good lah if you're into kacang!

Next on the list was Sany Char Keow Teow. A bit of an Amazing Race trying to locate the place, but it was totally worth it. Don't know what it is about the keow teow, but the way it's fried, along with the special sauce, make it a definite must-try. If I didn't have satay on the side as well, would have ordered a couple more plates of the kuew teow just for myself. Hehe.

After the event, I had a big breakfast at the hotel, but when evening came, it was time to go out eating again. This time, my understanding friend took me to Kapitan Claypot Briyani near Gurney Drive. Slightly starving by that point, I tore into the lamb briyani with a side of butter chicken with relish. Memang seriously sedap.

Then we took a drive around Gurney Drive and I sort of earmarked all the places I intend to raid on my next visit. Can't remember when was the last time I was there, but I could see what the fuss was all about.

And finally, we dropped by Padang Brown for a quick stop before I left for home. Was told that there's plenty to try here especially the pasembor and celup-celup, but still full from the beriyani, I only settled for dessert in the form of bubur cha cha. Totally different from what Johoreans know as bubur cha cha, which is usually served hot, this version had shaved ice along with the usual condiments. Awesome, nonetheless!

So, I ran, I ate and had a pretty cool time in Penang. But trust me, I'll be back. For the food, of course.


Che Kay said...

Pergh!!! Bikin Cheq rindu nak balek Penang~

M.Zul said...

memang best. byk lagi nak try :)

cik caca said...

penang memang bestt!!!!
For nasi kandar, i prefer khaleel (USM) than line clear...hehehhehe :)

dz zain said...

hi abg zulll.patut mcm pernh lihat kat tz...anyway..sy teringin nk p penang nie...dn baca2 mcm ni boleh le ada input sikit....kalau ada kawan yang boleh bawak pon bagu...heheh

anyway leh visit n follow blog dz zain --- http://inisayatau.blogspot.com/


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