Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gold Coast 2011: Running In Paradise

Well, Surfers Paradise, to be exact. Yup, I did a bit of running during the short break along the beachfront area and apart from it being part of my training for the Penang Bridge Marathon (which has been pathetic, admittedly), I also ran as a tribute to my friends back in KL.

The thing is, I was supposed to join them for the Terry Fox Run on Nov 13th at Padang Merbok, but I had to take a raincheck when this trip was confirmed. But I had also bought the Terry Fox T-Shirt (which was the entry condition), and so that very morning, I put the T-Shirt on and did a short run.

Just a couple of minutes from the hotel, we actually got there around 7.25am; it was cloudy at first, but then the sun came out in full force. Which explained my pancit-ness lah.

But it was enjoyable while it lasted. I mean, after running at your choice locations for quite sometime, boredom is bound to set in, so to move away from the usual Puchong "panorama" to the magnificence of Surfers Paradise was really oh-so-cool.

And yes, one of my running goals is actually to run in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in these next couple of years. So, do watch this space!

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