Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gold Coast 2011: Paradise Country Farm

Upon arrival at the Coolangatta Airport, we were whisked away for a short breakfast, stopped by Harbour Town for about half an hour, then it was off to Paradise Country Farm. I was rather excited as I had never been there before, although it's part of the chain of four different parks including Movie World.

So if you've been there before, you'd know that it's no more than 20mins from Surfers Paradise.  And although it was rather cloudy at first, it became sunnier later in the day, and rather humid. Although not Malaysia-type humid.

Can't recall how much the admission ticket cost but I do remember that for a picture with one of those cuddly koalas, you have to fork out AUD18. Which is really not bad. I mean, these are rare cute fellas that will make you go AWWWW... even when they're pooping on your shirt (which actually happened, to a number of people). Haha.

Elsewhere on the farm, you could also roam about freely with the friendly (and always hungry) kangaroos and there were also a couple of weird-looking species as well.

You shouldn't miss out on the shows though. The first one we saw was sheep-shearing, which wasn't at all gory, especially when the sheep maintained a "muka selamba" throughout the entire process.

BUT the highlight was surprisingly the barbeque lunch! For starters, it was all halal, which meant we weren't relegated to just munching on the salads; but really, the choice of fish, meat and chicken were grilled to perfection. And the sides were excellent. Have a look.

Then it was time for a Billy Tea demo. Which, yours truly (was forced to) step up and volunteered. Basically it's how people in the outback make tea which include some swirling action, like so...

We also saw some horsemanship, a cool whip-cracking demo and boomerang-chucking.

Overall, a pretty fun day spent there, and a good experience for the kids who got a good taste of what farm life is all about. Highly-recommended.

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Thank you friend for the info really helps as am going there june.


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