Friday, November 25, 2011

Avillion, Port Dickson

A little late with this post; a couple of weeks ago, our New Media team had a 2-day 1-night brainstorming retreat at the Avillion in Port Dickson. I've been to the resort before and was impressed by its standards, so naturally I had to recommend this place for our own retreat.

Coming back after a couple of years, I was still impressed by what I saw. Despite being a rather "veteran" resort, the Avillion has maintained the place REALLY well. You know how the maintenance culture here in Malaysia ain't exactly a priority, so kudos to the management for keeping everything in tip-top condition; from the overall premises in general, the rooms, the gardens, the pools, I had no complaints whatsoever, personally.

Anyway, the retreat was indeed a fun one. Sure, we had to squeeze our brains somewhat in coming up with new and fresh ideas for the year 2012, but it was all achieved in a cool and laidback setting and manner.

We chilled out during the ideas sessions and even played a good game of volleyball. Yes, volleyball. Where the team who could actually serve, won, which was my team. Haha. Hey, I even won the MVP award, OK?

The obligatory jumping pose

The SEA Games volleyball team didn't know what they were missing

The victorious team

Hurrah, we won... a bunch of crackers!

The Most Valuable Player deserves some Toblerone

Now, allow me to share some snaps of the resort. I would rank it in the Top 3 resorts in PD for a good family getaway, along with Thistle and Legend International Water Homes.

The water chalets

The premium room comes with a private balcony

Open-air shower in the room

Petting Zoo for the kids

There are a couple of pools here. This one's for adults only

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