Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run For Tuan Senang Besar: The Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

It was a late decision for me. To run, or not to run? Quite a few of my friends thought I should do it in memory of arwah Kharis while my own emotions said no. But after giving it another thought, I decided to run the 10km for him.

A few friends and I are putting together a "Run For Tuan Senang Besar" campaign, but before that happens, I thought it'd be a good idea to create some awareness last night. And so, I ran with this sign on the back of my singlet...
But I almost didn't make it though. Left home rather late, and most of the access roads to the Start/Finish area were already closed. Had to make a few rounds around Putrajaya before I finally managed to get there, 20mins before the 10km start.

Didn't get to warm-up properly and this made things rather difficult later on. And as usual, I started at the back.
After a few hundred metres, one of arwah's best friends, Adit caught up with me. He was wearing a tribute t-shirt he had made at Pertama earlier in the day.

Quite a few people then came up to me and gave me the thumbs up, and I assume all of them were arwah's friends as well. Another group was also wearing a tribute sign, their's with arwah's photo on it.
As for the run, I did well for the first 3km. Then my left leg felt a bit of pain and was cramping up. My body wanted to move even faster, but my leg didn't want to cooperate.

Then Adit caught up with me. Told him about my problem, so we brisk walked for a bit. We talked about arwah and the day he passed on. Adit was the one who BBMed me the news. Told him how I was in disbelief since I had received a BBM msg from arwah earlier in the morning. Adit thinks I might be the last person to receive a message from arwah. That made me a little emotional.

We then jogged and walked till we got to the 2nd water station at the 6km mark. I asked the medic for some deep heat rub but she didn't have any. She then pointed me to a bagful of ice. I took some and rubbed them on my feet. That gave me a bit of a relief.
Continued my run before someone else caught up with me. She introduced herself as arwah's wife's cousin. We chatted for a bit and she took a photo of the sign I was wearing.

Soon, my iPod indicated that I had done 10km, but we still had some way to go. To motivate myself, I used this guy who was running in Hawaiian bermudas as a marker. I caught up and passed him. Adit was a few hundred metres in front.

The last few hundred metres were the hardest. Although we were on the last straight, the Finish line seemed miles away. But I got there anyway...
I wasn't too bothered about the time I did, but it was more or less the same as my Siemens Run. Putrajaya at night is really humid, and everyone was just sweating buckets.

Met up with some colleagues from Media Prima later, including Johan who did the 5km. Everyone was way off their best times apparently.
I'm glad I did the run. Arwah Kharis would have patted me on the back and said "good job" and we would have had a bit of an argument about the Liverpool vs Man U result as well.

Next up, we will be running for arwah on Nov 13 for the Terry Fox Run. Do join us. No registration needed. Just pop by Padang Merbok on the day, buy a t-shirt and run. See you then.

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Que Naqim said...

My deepest condolences to arwah's family and friends. Al-fatihah


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