Thursday, October 13, 2011

Al-Fatihah Tuan Senang Besar

Finished MHI and received the worst kind of news; my friend Kharis (affectionately known to his friends as tuansenangbesar) had passed on just minutes before. A couple of our mutual friends contacted me to convey the news and I am still in disbelief. Arwah had sent me a BBM message at 5.52am and we were supposed to run the Putrajaya Night Marathon together this weekend. I was told that arwah collapsed while jogging near the Kelana Jaya Stadium. I can't believe he's gone. Al-Fatihah. (update below)

Updated 7.12pm:
I'm writing this in a hotel room somewhere in Perak. I regret I wasn't able to pay him my last respects due to work commitment, but I am happy to read and see that so many people did turn up at his home as well his final resting place in Kajang.

I still have tears in my eyes just thinking about arwah Kharis. I had only known him for a couple of years, but arwah's the kind of friend who'd go the extra mile for people he cared. And I know he loved his family with all his heart.

I may not have agreed with all his opinions on things, but I respect his conviction and honesty.

When I first started running, arwah was the one who spurred me on and all the milestones I reached, I had him by my side; the 6km at Taman Tun park, the 7km at the ntv7 feel good run and yes, the 10km at the Siemens Run just a couple of weeks ago, which proved to be our last run together.

We've actually made some plans together. I wanted to take up cycling and he offered to lend his bike before I buy one of my own. And of course, he offered to ride with me.

We also talked about going for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. He's more than confident I could run the half-marathon.

Then there were the makan places he wanted me to try, like Kudu, and a couple of places in Kajang. Yes, he loved his food and it was thru food, specifically the Las Vacas steakhouse, that we bonded.

Arwah loved rugby as well and he was supposed to join me and some of our friends for the quarterfinals last weekend, but he couldn't make it at the last minute. He supported the All Blacks and I hope they win the world cup for him.

There's nothing left that I could offer him now save for my prayers. Brother, you will be missed.

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M.Zul said...

Salam, I accidentally deleted the comments for this post. Would like to thank all of you for your kind words on arwah Kharis. Do post again if you have the time. Thanks again.


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