Monday, September 26, 2011

The Siemens Run 2011: 10km Of Hard Work

Yup, I did it! My first competitive 10km run (10.3km on my runkeeper app) happened yesterday and although it was a tad harder than expected, I'm more than happy that I did it only some six months after I first started running on a regular basis.

Sure, my limbs are rather aching now, but to use a well-worn cliche, no pain no gain maa...

As usual, woke up very early in the morning to psyche myself up and consume some carbs.

Got to Dataran Merdeka at around 6.20am and the place was already buzzing with some 5,000 other runners.

The weather was really good for a run, although it was quite hazy later on in the morning.

Did my warm-up and it was time to rock and roll at 7.30am sharp!

Started from the back as usual, but OK lah, I knew the pacing for the 10km was gonna be slightly slower and different.

Also had a running partner in tuansenangbesar, so we sort of paced each other.

It was an interesting route that took us past Lake Gardens and up the flyover at Hilton KL, then down to Brickfields.

The first drinking station came around the 3km mark and this is a big complaint I have against the organiser. I.e.: there was basically NO water for most of us at the 2nd and 3rd drinking stations!

Come on lah, surely you can estimate the amount of water needed for 5,000 people?! As a result, we had to go through the next 7km without a single drop of water. Boo!

That somewhat affected our pacing (haha, alasan). But OK lah, we really took our time, especially since we had to stop a couple of times to let traffic pass.

The last couple of kms were rather alright as we were also spurred on by cheerleaders, drummers and Bhangra musicians. Really!

We crossed the finish line at 1hr 31mins, and although I just missed out on my target of 90mins, it was cool to finish it at the very least. Puas hati!

Special thanks to tuansenangbesar who was running with an injured shoulder, but most important of all, we had fun (yes, including the dying of thirst bit). Onwards to the next run now!


Ahmad Fadli KC said...

Tuan Majistret,

On the same day, I was running the KL Pudu Rotary Charity Run (7km).

After 7 weeks of training, I managed to finish the route in under 44 minutes and ten seconds.

I usually run at KLCC Park where one lap is 1.3 km. And my personal time is around 8 mins per lap.

So on the day itself my speed was more or less the same like the usual training day.

I was wondering if you do train with other people too?

If you don't you can visit

I run with this group and tomorrow evening will be the 2nd time I'm running with them, at KLCC Park 640 pm.


M.Zul said...

Congrats on your run. I actually prefer to run alone most of the time. Just me and my music : )

wan hanifa said...

Salam Zul,

Tahniah for your run,

very bad organize sampai habis air saya tahu macamana rasanya tu,memang nak kena standby rm dalam kocek in case boleh singah 7E or petrolpump

good luck 4 yor next run.

M.Zul said...

W'salam, thanks. Duit tinggal dalam kereta :)

Renny Ann said...

Hi MZul! i wish to run with u again next time, i still keep the photo i took when Standard Chartered Fun Run @ putrajaya last May .. all the best ya, i like to read ur blog bout running... cheers!


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