Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

Odd-numbered years are always seen as boring by sports fans. Why? Er, you don't know is it? No football World Cup, Euro or the Olympics. So we just have to make do with regular club football, F1, tennis and premier league snooker (haha).

BUT it's gonna get pretty interesting in 2011 pretty, pretty soon as the Rugby World Cup arrives beginning 9th September!

I'm not the biggest rugby fan around, but I do understand the sport and enjoy the big games. I played the game a bit during school (since English College was THE rugby school in JB), but I can safely say that I'm much better at basketball, football and lari dalam guni.

So, who will I be rooting for? Like you don't know me already meh? England, of course. I still remember the World Cup in 2003 where "Ugly, Ugly England" surprised the rest by getting to the final and beating hosts Australia in a pulsating match. A match that was aptly won by a Jonny Wilkinson drop goal.

Four years later in France, England surprised again by getting to the final, but South Africa came out tops and brought home the trophy. Don't remember much of the game though since it was played in the wee hours, and well, it was a one-sided affair pretty much.

This time around though, the Three Lions are gonna be known as "Boring Boring England", and aren't really expected to come within sniffing distance of the trophy. But hey, that's what they said these past two World Cups, right?

But in all honesty though, I wouldn't mind hosts nation New Zealand winning it all this year. It's been 24 years since the All Blacks are world champions, and they do play the most attractive rugby at the moment.

So yes, I'm all pumped up. And the best part? All the matches will be during office hours! So I can just switch off the lights, crack open some soya bean and enjoy the games in the comfort of my office. (But if the big boss is reading this, I'm kidding only lah Dato'!). Haha.


Anonymous said...


Fowler is God but Kenny will always be King

M.Zul said...

haha! yes i've seen this before


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