Monday, September 12, 2011

Of Brainstorming & Justin Bieber

Yup, that would be the very first time I have "Justin Bieber" in a blogpost title. Is it an attempt to lure the Beliebers to this humble site? Maybe. But I can assure you it is not without relevance.

So OK, in my last post, I did mention I was in Port Dickson with the MHI team for a brainstorming session. We stayed at the swanky Thistle Hotel (more of that in another post), and pretty much had a fun and relaxing time.

First on the agenda on Friday was a barbeque dinner at the "adult" section of Thistle, Cumulus. The food was quite good, although, despite being right at the beach, it was windless and felt a little warm.

We then decided to do something fun after that, and after some asking around, we ended up at an open-air restaurant with a karaoke section. I just knew the night would get a tad more exciting then.

After enduring some ear-piercing songs performed by other members of the public, it was time for our team to strut our stuff.

The guys started with a couple of rock leleh tunes, before launching into... Justin Bieber's BABY. No, I'm not kidding. And sorry guys, it was pretty (to paraphrase Simon Cowell) horrendous. Haha!

But I give them 5 stars for being so sporting. And it's a great thing that they have day jobs.

The next day, it was time for the session itself. The setup was casual and comfy.

Can't really disclose what was discussed since this is top secret stuff and we wouldn't want to give our competitors any sort of advantage (actually, I'm just malas to write, haha), but it was pretty eye-opening for everyone. In fact the first session ended TWO HOURS late, which meant by the time we hit the lunch buffet, everyone's tummy was already playing the keroncong.

The session continued with a screening of the Harrison Ford movie "Morning Glory". If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that you do, especially if you're interested in the goings-on of a morning talkshow. But no, we do not have any producers who look like Rachel McAdams.

The peeps then had a fun session of volleyball while I took a short nap. Sitting on the floor the whole day took a toll on my back lah.

We then went for a seafood dinner at this place called Muhibbah Seafood (probably not part of the KL chain). Trust me when I say that most of the makan places in PD are rather crap, but Muhibbah really had some delicious grub; especially the nasi goreng ikan masin, the butter prawn and chili crabs.

And that was really the end of the fun and games. Slept early that night and left by 8am the next morning for home. But I think the session really did a world of a good for the morale of the team. Despite the Justin Bieber episode.

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